Author Topic: A picture is worth a 1000 words, or is it?  (Read 69 times)

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Just in case you didn't notice what was captured in the beautiful Oxbow Lake picture, there is a large stand of invasive cattails in the background. Of course that's nothing new for this Facebook group, who members seem to believe that EVERY tree is good, even dead ones making Erie Canal Embankments unsafe.

We've written about overgrown Cattails before around the Oxbow Park.

So it stands to reason that IGNORING any and all invasive species is pretty typical for this Facebook group and it's members.

Take this recent post... it appears now that someone in this Facebook group believes the Canal Corporation should do a more "selective" job mowing the grass between the Empire Trail and the Waterway.

The post states that these "beautiful flowers" should be saved, and it's a horrific tragedy that any should be cut.

One word comes to mind, when these posts surface... bullcrap!

Take a look at the pictures shown in that recent Facebook post carefully.

There's some Queen Anne's Lace shown, some OxEye Daisy, looks like Red Clover and also perhaps some blue cornflowers shown in those pictures. You might also want to believe these are all "flowers" and not weeds or invasive species that the State of NY and the Owners of the Canal Property, have already said "needed to go" for safety reasons.

So is this McEntee person correct?

NO! Every single picture this supposed "environmental crusader" has shown is an INVASIVE SPECIES of WEED.

Just take a look at the real TRUTH shown below about these four weeds, it's a bit different story than the Stop the Canal Clear-cut member painted


And Ms Agte, the leader of this Facebook farce, is encouraging other members to speak up, listen to Chris McEntee, like someone getting the Seal of Approval from the group's founder is correct & has stated facts.

The group is pleading for people to speak up at the upcoming meeting on Embankment Integrity management.

It's no wonder that few are stepping forward when it's so obvious that the leaders, and those who post can't seem to understand they are NOT environmentalist...not even close.

When you can't tell the difference between an "invasive weed" and a "productive plant", you should NOT be allowed to discuss the health & safety of earthen dams covered with large, invasive, woody vegetation.

Especially when the lives & property of Erie Canal Neighbors are at risk... those who actually live BELOW these unsafe embankments

Maybe not the 1000 words you wanted, more like 400.
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