Author Topic: A picture is worth a 1000 words, or is it?  (Read 69 times)

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Against my better judgement, knowing full well that a Facebook group that values the life of "flowers" more than their neighbors living along the Canal won't accept these basic FACTS, I'm still sharing the list of NYS DEC Invasive Species here today.

Hopefully there are others out there, who will read it, and understand finally, just how "lost in the weeds" this group and it's leaders are about the "environment".

Go look at the Canal Embankments, after you read the list,  the canal embankments are covered with plant species from that list, including all those danger trees.

Yea, people know trees are "good"... that's a simple message. But just because a few people start a Facebook group saying it, doesn't mean the statement fits the "situation" at hand...and this time it's about PUBLIC safety in and around Raised Erie Canal Embankments.

Trees are good, but NOT trees on Earthen Embankment Dams...

Time to stop the nonsense being spread by a group that simply doesn't like the facts, the truth, or the science behind that simple statement made by the NYS Canal Corporation.

Time to "Defund the Stop the Canal Clearcut Group" on Facebook

If you are a member...leave. it's the BEST thing you can do to help the Erie Canal continue its next century serving NY States best interest.

Please... Stop trying to serve the "best interests" of two ECT trail users...who want shade, and feel they need to tell the world of Facebook

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