Author Topic: A reply to a Rochester Beacon posting from STCC  (Read 158 times)

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Re: A reply to a Rochester Beacon posting from STCC
« on: September 17, 2021, 06:20:56 pm »
Went back and read the title of Ms Maiers tree rant, and that may hold the key to what matters more to Ms Maier, Ms Agte, and this Facebook group.

Here's that Rochester Beacon Guest Opinion title: Trees on the Erie Canal are at risk again

Trees, it's all about trees to them. And the squirrels, and birds and that "shade" they seem to mention quite often... that's what holds the most "value" to his group.

Not the lives & property thousands of New York State Canal System "Neighbors ", who's families & homes are in jeopardy below these unsafe dams.

Not the tens of thousands of school children attending the schools located below these uninspected 100 year old earthen structures.

Not the millions of dollars that would be lost in lawsuits against the State of New York for damages from a flood caused by a Canal Embankment failure.

The Canal Corporation says TREES are the root cause of the dangerous conditions on 125 miles of the Canal System...

And this Facebook group forms to "root for the trees"...

This could happen only in Fairport, New York... a "not so fair" Village along the Erie Canal.

Glad that the Town of Perinton governing body has seen the light, and recognized the folly of this Facebook group's message.

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