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Re: A total lack of common sense
« on: January 23, 2022, 08:19:14 am »
Just another "lost soul" who is simply turned into "Polly Parrot", repeating EXACTLY what the group's leader has been saying...

Elizabeth Agte January 20, 8:45pm posted to Facebook:

It was cold for this evening’s walk along the canal. (Minus -1º windchill) As usual we were grateful for the trees that act as a wind screen. If the trees were gone not only would it be an impossibly bitter trek, but the towpath that the towns plow would be completely drifted over. A place to walk with our dog that is plowed and unsalted. For any of you who have witnessed the pain of a dog who goes lame from salt burning, this is a big plus.

A few nights ago, we had the pleasure of watching three kids race each other on skates on a mirror perfect frozen canal. Shaved ice flying in their wakes. And overhead in the pink sky, against tree silhouettes, crows flying for their evening congregation site.
I am grateful for this beautiful space that I can access every single day. And in the bleak mid winter, we are not alone, runners, dog walkers and bikers with those fat tires, all know it is better to be on the canal towpath than on the road.

This is a valuable resource that I use daily, and will continue to fight for. I think about the woman who came up to talk to me at our August “Rally Around the Trees”. She urged us to keep up the fight, saying that if she hadn’t had the beautiful canal walk during the pandemic she didn’t know what she would have done to maintain her mental well-being. And now we are back into our current winter pandemic shut down. Her words resonate. We need access to beauty to calm the soul.

This is a quote from one of our Guest posts, have to say this simple sentence says it all...

If someone won't acknowledge public safety, or have concern for their community, they probably have no sense, let alone the common type.

And unfortunately people with zero understanding or knowledge tend to be the ones that consider themselves experts

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