Author Topic: Agte's husband doesn't know ???  (Read 10 times)

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Agte's husband doesn't know ???
« on: September 24, 2021, 04:52:00 am »

Is this yet another lie from Ms Agte? Because the Canal Corp does know exactly what the condition of the embankment is. they have the Rizzo report  --

One only has to walk along the trail for five minutes south of the Fairport bowling alley and take a look at the embankment, that is if you can squeeze through the brush and weeds.

It must be pretty obvious to anyone with half a brain that the embankment is in a deplorable condition.

Oh!  But wait!  I showed it to Samra Brouk's minions and they obviously didn't seem to think there was a problem. I guess you can't fix stupid eh!

But I learned a lesson here.
If you're not a dam engineer, you won't see the problems! So why are all these people making fools of themselves passing judgement on things they know nothing about?
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