Author Topic: Another BIG LIE from the STCC, a Facebook Group fighting against Canal Neighbor Safety  (Read 47 times)

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This new post from the Stop the Canal Clear-cut group shows just how "lost in the weeds" they have become.

Their tactic of choice used to be just a  "pure denial" of the safety issues that canal embankments pose for Canal Neighbors and Canal Communities.

That denial tactic turned to "deflection", when they started to discuss shade, the ozone layer, and land management by "goats", a favorite topic of theirs.

And eventually they had to resort to a campaign of misinformation, deceit, and lies in order to try and convince themselves that safety wasn't the real issue with earthen dams deemed unsafe by the NYS Dam Owners.

And now today, this Facebook group has resorted to their NEW "big lie", that if Embankment Trees are removed from embankments, death, destruction, and economic calamity will ensue.

What a crock of... well, you know.

Wait a minute... isn't that EXACTLY what the OWNERS of the Canal System have been saying would happen if the the trees were NOT removed from these embankments?

I believe this is where the STCC "stole" their new idea to simply state without proof, without expert testimony, and without one shred of evidence to support their wild claim on Facebook.

It's right in the webpage for the Earthen Embankment Integrity Program Overview... an official statement from the NYS Canal System Owners

Seems like this group has come up with a brilliant way to combat the caretakers of the NYS Canal system, NYPA and NYS Canals.

Simply steal their words and turn them around to make it look like this Facebook group is right, and they are now very concerned about "public safety".

Well except for that OBVIOUS fact that Mr. Larry Grossman's statement doesn't have any experts to support that wild claim,

And Mr. Grossman does not have one shred of evidence or fact to substantiate his preposterous claim.

It's all the musings of a new member to an old FB group that has lost their battle, lost the war and now have lost self-dignity in choosing the big lie over the simple truth.

But that has NEVER stopped this Facebook group before. It's always the same... someone in the group dreams up their own facts, another says it's the truth, and then they all go from there. They start pedaling their bogus ideas on public safety and goat mowing all while the Leaders of the group egg these members on to look even more stupid as time goes on. It's taken on a new artform with this latest LIE from this social media menace.

This group thrives on "humble opinions" and cares little about "actual facts".

What a bold move though, the ECNA didn't think that "reflection" would ever be used by this group. But today, the STCC just held a mirror up, to the EXACT WORDS that the Canal Corporation has been using to justify their own EEIP embankment safety work, and the STCC group just made "their own" statement about "leaving trees" to prevent death & destruction.

 It's almost unbelievable that the group would leave themselves so open to litigation for spreading a message that clearly goes against the safety of the public.

But it is a reflection moment, in more ways than one.

Time for the public to take a good hard look at this group, and the deception they try to pedal off as fact.

And time for the Canal Corporation to "reflect" on it's resistance to correcting the misinformation campaign against them on social media.

If NYPA does NOT do anything to correct the lies and deception of the public, by this STCC Facebook Group, then they will have lost something very important here as well...

The respect of the ECNA and the hundreds of Canal Neighbors that they have stated they are trying to help, by fixing their unsafe earthen dams... how sad.

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Michael Caswell

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How low can you go?  The depths this group goes to are almost mind boggling.

I'd love to see ONE EXPERT who agrees with this philosophy.  They have FAILED dismally to produce anyone with credential who can confirm these ridiculous claims.

Why is that? It's because WE will tell the 'expert' the truth and their statements will be refuted, just like Prof. Donald Gray & Dr David Rosgen did.

Two experts in earthen structure hydrology, and who have BOTH said that the STCC is WRONG on their idea that canal embankments are safe!

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