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Re: Another Facebook posting by Ms Agte
« on: July 08, 2018, 11:04:43 am »
I read this post as well, and it's very interesting that the word PARK was used by this writer. This is a National Heritage Site, it is not called a "park" anywhere in any ECNHC or NYCC website that I've seen. I even asked NY Parks & Recreation leadership about that term and they also say it is not "technically" a park. Once again these STCC folks tend to take "liberties" with their use of incorrect words & definitions.

The statement made about it being "OUR" park is somewhat strange as well. If that's the case than WE didn't do a very good JOB keeping the Embankments in a SAFE state all these years. In fact a recent SAFETY inspection revealed that as Embankment Dam Caretakers, we suck! So now we are faced with the SAME issue other Dam Owners faced a few years ago, the DEC is going to send us all letters just like the one below telling us we need to FIX our UNSAFE embankments ASAP.


I don't want to own and maintain 122 miles of Earthen Embankment Dams, or the LIABILITY INSURANCE needed to let people walk on the top of it, do any of you want that? The NY Canal Corp is entrusted with keeping this public asset in safe, operating condition. It is responsible for insuring this National Treasure is going to outlast any of us alive now and be here for generations to come. Seems like if the STCC doesn't want to acknowledge the problems, or even offer a way to make these embankments SAFER, they should at least have the understanding they should NOT stand in the way of those that do have the answers.

What is said about those who aren't "Part of the Solution"?

These folks writing these statements about "our park" are only interested in their personal use of "The Park" and most likely will NOT help keep "The Park" in compliance with FEMA & DEC Embankment standards. After all they are FIGHTING that very thing right before our eyes, they are working to STOP the work needed to reduce the probability of a catastrophe. It's all right there, if we want to see it honestly. 

I'd really like someone from the STCC to explain why they simply refuse to discuss SAFETY reports on the Erie Canal or the fact that this is a Public Safety Project at it's core?

We ALL have had a fair dose of Safety Warnings in our community these past few years. You may not recognize those safety warnings but AUTO RECALLS are very similar to an UNSAFE Erie Canal. Who hasn't been affected by recalls like Takata Air Bags, Toyota Ignitions, even the most recent Ford Explorer Carbon Monoxide Leaks. I bet each of us has a story to tell there. The fact is sometimes things go wrong and PUBLIC safety is put at risk so these auto manufacturers are responsible to correct's called Liability, go look it up.

So when an auto maker tells the Country about a problem with their product that needs to be fixed how many of us stand up and say " It hasn't happened on MY car, if it isn't broke DON'T fix it".? How many of us would ignore a letter from your car manufacturer or dealer saying you need to bring your car in for a recall that may result in BODILY HARM? How many of us would put our FAMILY or friends in danger driving them around in a car that was unsafe? Once someone uses the word UNSAFE in the Auto Industry we all agree, but with NYCC we don't?

Why is it "OK" for some in our community to think that keeping an UNSAFE ERIE CANAL in our neighbor's backyards is "Just Fine"?

There are 327 Homeowners who are living directly adjacent to UNSAFE EMBANKMENTS right now. 199 of those people live between Middleport and Spencerport. These folks are seeing their Erie Canal Embankments transform to a SAFER version. There are also 128 homeowners in the Towns of Brighton, Pittsford, & Perinton including the Village of Fairport who are now seeing these "slopes" for what they are, aging, unsafe, Embankment Dams. They are hoping that the Erie Canal doesn't come rushing through their kitchens and wash their lives away. Their UNSAFE Embankments bordering their property CAN'T be worked on due to a Work Stop Order initiated by this STCC group

Beyond ALL of these people are many THOUSANDS living in the Hazard Creep Zones BELOW some very large & long Embankment Dams that are also considered "Unsafe" by most experts in Flood Control. They will ALSO remain is DANGER right along with those living adjacent to these Dams, unable to see an end to this Safety Stalemate brought on and fostered by a few folks that do not live under any threat at all.

And that group of people rallying under the banner of Stop the Clear Cut, being led around by a Leadership Trio, they still REFUSE to talk about SAFETY at all. In fact their new motto is "If it Isn't Broke Don't fix it, it's our Park, go Away NYCC!"

How truly sad for the rest of us who understand just how risky it is if they are wrong, and don't be fooled Rochester, the STCC is wrong on so many levels. It's time to see this for what it is... a small group putting a much larger community in danger under the guise of "helping nature"
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