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Re: Another Facebook posting by Ms Agte
« on: July 08, 2018, 04:32:33 pm »
The STCC webpage has recently posted a suggestion by a subscriber, to use GOATS to clear the vegetation from the embankment dams.

It reads "One of my friends posted this on her page from the Harrisburg area. I wonder if this could be an option to clear out the underbrush and weeds along the canal path. Amazing what happens when you think outside the box."

Let's do that, shall we! Think outside the box. Imagine the problems containing the goats! Who would supervise this?  Would you tether them, or fence them in? I can imagine goats running around on canal property, and getting through a hole in a fence, or breaking free from a tether. I certainly would not want them on my property, munching all my flowers and shrubs, and pooping everywhere! To keep the amount of vegetation down, you'd need hundreds of goats, munching all summer long. And all the goats I ever came across, stank to high heaven.

With all the variety of plants growing on the embankments, it would be almost impossible to guarantee the safety of goats on these overgrown slopes.

Many landscaping plants are poisonous, and a few are so deadly that even a few leaves can make a ruminant like a goat extremely sick. Donít believe the old wivesí tale that goats always know which plants are poisonous. If goats can get their heads through a fence to the neighborís yard, make sure that poisonous plants arenít growing within reach there. Who knows what is growing in the undergrowth. No one has been in there for at least 50 years. How many goats would be needed and how long would it take to munch through all that stuff? Probably two or three summers. We simply don't have that amount of time. The situation is dire and these people still don't seem to understand that peoples lives and property are at risk.

When you see ideas like using goats to remove vegetation on the STCC Facebook page, you have to wonder how they ever got taken seriously in the first place.