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It will not matter how many times the truth is shared with this Facebook group or it's members, or they are told the facts about Earth Dams:

They will make up their own set of facts, to support their "dream", and then state they have experts to support is, one is a beekeeper the other, a biology teacher.

They will continue to deny the safety issues that a 200 year old man-made waterway, and state it's perfectly fine the way it is, even though there have been 4 emergency repairs in 3 years, and a section of embankment holding up an aqueduct broke in Macedon this Spring.

They will continue to recruit more members that can't think for themselves and want to jump on the bandwagon of "misplaced" environmental concern. It's sad that so many in our area can't think for themselves and depend on Facebook for their "new truth"

They will continue to ridicule the New York Power Authority as the "boogie man", because it all started when they took ownership of this mess. No matter that ALL prior ownership let the Canal degrade to it's current condition, in need of repair, and threatening many state residents.

And they will continue to deny any and all science, facts, and experts like Dave Mellen, who don't have the "popular message" this group wants to believe in.

You know Mike, this would almost be funny, if this Facebook group wasn't dead set on leaving Erie Canal Neighbors in danger living below these UNSAFE EMBANKMENTS. And those TWO words - Unsafe Embankments, well they will not be changed, and they will not go away on their own...

That's is why this Earthen Embankment Integrity Program is going to move forward, without any more SEQR Article 78 interruptions.

Much to the dismay of a beekeeper and a biology teacher who told 700 "sheep following them" that it wouldn't.
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