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Re: Bring out the violins - she's ranting off again!
« on: January 26, 2022, 09:05:15 am »
This statement from this facebook group isnt accurate at all. The group founder chose to make the group public, which has one set of rules. Changing this group to a private one allows everything that they want because private groups have different rules.

Elizabeth Agte : Thanks to the wisdom of Facebook, there is actually very little that is private now in groups like ours.

We canít exclude people from joining, because we donít ďacceptĒ them anymore.

We can throw them out if they violate our code of conduct, but we canít keep trolls from seeing who we are.

Facebook changed rules for public groups so that misinformation would not take over their site.

If people in this facebook group are upset or worried about their words and name being seen by that same public maybe they should really question what the group represents and either leave or ask the leader of the group to make it private.

Is this why the ECNA didnt start a group on facebook?