Author Topic: Bring out the violins - she's ranting off again!  (Read 107 times)

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I'm not going to embarrass her!
« on: January 26, 2022, 10:35:33 am »
So, I'll leave her name off.  One of the STCC members posted this recently.

"I am NOT SIGNING THIS PETITION Because it is a bunch of lies. It is not a Dam, It is an embankment.. The state is using scare tactics to get you to sign. Learn the truth. Go to our Facebook page "STOP THE CANAL CLEAR CUT".  We need trees more than ever these days. They are the lunges of the planet, cleaning the air we all breath. The Canal Corp. wants to take the easy way out. They have to maintain the canal and they want to do it the easiest way possible. Strip the land, increase erosion, Destroy the beauty, and make it easier for them to maintain."

Firstly, I think she did sign the petition, otherwise  this wouldn't have been posted.

And here we go again, "It's not a dam etc. etc"  I doubt this person has any dam engineering qualifications whatsoever, so here are the basics to determine if its a dam, or not.

Is it a raised embankment?  YES
Does it have RIP-RAP? (That's big jagged stones) YES
Is it impounding water? YES
Does it have SPILLWAYS? YES
Does it have a PHREATIC LINE?  YES
Do it's owners consider it to be a dam? YES
Does it have SEEPAGE & LEAKS?  YES

Then folks, it's a dam!

AND the State never put these ads up, the ECNA did!

She said "Will you learn the truth at the STCC?" Oh! My aching sides!  :-)

We need trees more than ever!

Finally - Beauty? Ragged old Cottonwoods, dropping branches everywhere, and all sorts of illegal, controlled species of brush and weeds everywhere? You call that beauty?

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