Author Topic: The Erie Canal is being sterilized!  (Read 133 times)

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Re: The Erie Canal is being sterilized!
« on: December 28, 2022, 11:17:06 am »
Another reply posted to the Rochester Beacon

Sadly, once again, Ms Maier refuses to acknowledge the solitary fact that the entire program on embankments is centered on public safety.

While she continues to deny the facts about dam science that the Canal Corporation has laid out in their latest Embankment Manual, these embankments sink further into disrepair.

They are after all MAN MADE STRUCTURES that were used for commercial navigation, and like all srructures, they need maintenance, inspection and repair.

But not in Ms Maiers world.

She and her Facebook group have labeled the discussion about dam repair and public safety… “fear mongering”, and simply IGNORE any conversation about how the Erie Canal has become a public safety issue for New York State.

And Ms Maier pedals her denialism on Social Media channels while many Erie Canal Neighbors, who live below these aging embankments, wonder if the next catastrophic dam breach on National News might happen in their own backyard.

Go to the NYS Canal Integrity Website and read for yourself how badly the Canal System is leaking.

This isn’t about trees or shade, it certainly is not about landscaping and beautification of the Erie Canal.

It’s not about animal Habitat, unless those animals are the humans in danger from an aging, unsustainable NYS Canal System.

It’s really about making the Erie Canal something it is not right now… that would be SAFE for the public living around it.

The Dutch had it right, like most of Europe, they kmow that trees have a place, and it’s NOT growing on earthen Dams & Dikes that hold back water from flooding people & property.

Go read the TRUTH about Erie Canal Embankments.

Thank you for the time.
Doug Kucmerowski
Co-Founder: Erie Canal Neighbors Association