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Re: The Erie Canal is being sterilized!
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Just an after thought for ALL to consider, who may be reading Ms. Maier’s comments and think she may be “qualified” to speak on the topic of Invasive Vegetation growing along the canal, as she is in the Biology field, or that is what the Rochester Beacon claims in her Bio.

Even though Canal Embankment Integrity work is about Earthen Dam Safety, not Saving the Trees, as some people think.

Ms. Maier has taken a great liberty here, with her use of terms, stating that the Erie Canal Embankments will be STERILIZED with the work that is meant to improve their safety and “inspectability” for the Canal Corporation.

As a Biology “expert” she must know what that term means.

Here’s the definition according to the online Encyclopedia Britannica:

Sterilization (biochemistry) – Sterilization, which is any process, physical or chemical, that destroys all forms of life, is used especially to destroy microorganisms, spores, and viruses. Precisely defined, sterilization is the complete destruction of all microorganisms by a suitable chemical agent or by heat, either wet steam…


Did you read that part? Does Ms. Maier really BELIEVE that statement herself?

That is entirely UNTRUE, and the New York Canal Corporation has NEVER stated that will be the result of the Embankment Integrity program.

They are NOT destroying all life along the Erie Canal Embankments.

In fact the EEIP Maintenance Manual, released recently by the NYS Canal Corporation, does specifically state where turf grass will be grown, where wildflower beds can be planted and when ornamental grasses and other barrier plants will be used and where THOSE plants will be grown.

The only thing that will NOT be allowed to grow, is all termed “invasive vegetation”, and it’s made up of overgrown trees that do not belong on Earthen Dams, according to the Federal & State Laws. It also includes any and all invasive plant species like Japanese Knotweed and Amur Honeysuckle, they are NOT native, they ARE invasive and they PREVENT proper dam inspection and identification of embankment safety issues.

No folks, that choice of words being used by Ms. Maier is simply the telltale sign of a frustrated canal trail user, who is still in denial about the REAL condition of the Erie Canal, and wants to sensationalize this Canal Maintenance Program into something “evil”.

Using the word Sterilization is just Ms. Maier fanning the flames of her social media “protest group” that she labels as grassroots, yet they oppose the grass being planted that will restore canal embankments to their original state and original safety rating levels as they will be “just like new”.

Perhaps Ms. Maier should brush up on here terms & definitions before she passes along anymore mis-information to her social media group, or the community she lives in.

As someone in the Biology field she may want to start with the CDC Website, which defines the difference between Sterilization, Disinfection and General Cleaning.

If she actually read this website then she might tell her group (more accurately) that the ONLY thing happening to Erie Canal Embankment is a CLEANING of debris and other organic/inorganic material that is causing all of the safety issues described by the Canal Corporation’s Embankment Handbook.

But that wouldn’t get nearly as much attention as using the word STERILIZATION…

Would it?

And it wouldn’t serve Ms. Maier’s hidden agenda here…. would it?