Author Topic: The Erie Canal is being sterilized!  (Read 133 times)

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It appears that a few others in our area are finally hearing AND understanding the message about Erie Canal Embankment Safety

Here's another post in reply to Ms.Maiers "tree rant" on the Rochester beacon

And this post on the Beacon that strongly refutes Ms Maiers "fear-mongering" that the Erie Canal is being "sterilized" as she put it.

Funny how Ms Maier and her Facebook group call out the Canal Corporation (and parent New York Power) for "creating fear" about the current condition of the waterway, and it's earthen impoundments, but not one person accused Ms Maier of "over exaggeration" when saying that the Canal Corporation was killing all life along the NYS Canal System.

That's what sterilization means... look it up.

Maybe Facebook should start "sterilizing" their radical, mis-information spreading, grassroots groups, who think ignoring public safety is a good idea for New York?

Wouldn't that be a welcome change
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