Author Topic: The irony of Elizabeth Agte and NYS Parks.  (Read 64 times)

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The irony of Elizabeth Agte and NYS Parks.
« on: December 26, 2022, 12:57:10 pm »
A post on the STCC Facebook page.

Elizabeth R. Agte
December 16 at 3:18 PM  ∑
Our meeting with NYPA representatives at Senator Broukís office yesterday was a rehashing of greatest hits, but I think it was very important to have this debate in front of her staff. Our points are valid and reasonable. NYPA holds firmly to their position that they are required to treat this exactly as if it was the Mount Morris dam.
Although their PR people would like us to believe they have listened to us, the fact remains they still are going to do whatever it takes to remove as many trees from the embankments as they can get away with. They have alluded to it over and over in the SEQRA and the guidebook.
They intend to mitigate any possibility of a breach in order to prevent blow back on them. Their interest in is making sure that they cannot be held responsible.
They fail to look at the Erie Canal as a complex system of values and uses. A glaring example is that their primary interest is that they donít want to get sued if a breach occurs and someone dies.

So there you have it folks! Senator Brouk is listening to, and apparently agreeing with, the STCC.

This is the senator who hasn't even had the courtesy to visit the site where the worst examples of downed trees, gulleys, and poor construction are evident. She sends two office employees (staff), who obviously had no understanding or knowledge of dam construction and maintenance.

Brouk is trying to align herself with the few folks who have signed onto the STCC Facebook page, probably hoping they'll vote for her.

The NYPA are treating this like any embankment DAM should be treated -

Remove ALL obstacles from the outboard slopes to allow for inspection, and access in the event of a repair being necessary.

Agte says "Their interest in is making sure that they cannot be held responsible."

Indeed! If they didn't do this, it follows that they would be 'irresponsible' wouldn't it?

Yes, the NYPA has listened to the email 'bombing' by this group.  The trouble is those emails were mostly identical, spouting the same rhetoric, like 'Shade is Cool' and 'It's not a dam, it's a levee'. etc. etc

Agte says, "Their primary interest is that they donít want to get sued if a breach occurs and someone dies"

Perhaps she should have said "They don't want someone to die!" That would make more sense, without the Agte spin on the problem.
So, we're back to SAFETY - thats a word you'll seldom see coming from Ms Agte, because to be completely safe, one has to bring these old and dangerous dams up to code. That means regrading the slopes and making them accessible for any repairs.

They can't do any of that without removing the vegetation.
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The irony of Elizabeth Agte and NYS Parks.
« Reply #1 on: January 11, 2023, 10:35:46 am »
Perhaps you've read some of Lizzie's rants where she harps on about the canal being a park, and should be preserved as such.

My initial reaction to that is that she doesn't state what part of the canal she considers to be a park. Seeing as the main thrust of her 'argument' is regarding the removal of trees, then we must assume she is referring to the canal embankment dams, because these are the only areas the canal corporation are considering treating.

Not in my wildest dreams could I imagine these steep embankments becoming a park. It would be almost impossible for anyone to stand upright on the banks, let alone have picnics and play games.

Looking back at The Oxbow, see  The ECNA and local Boy Scouts turned a garbage dump into a beautiful park, installing benches, removing noxious weeds, and mowing Ragweed etc. to produce a shoreline park that anyone  (except the STCC) would be proud of. But Ms Agte and a few followers protested. They wanted it left the way it was, Oil drums, tires, barbed wire, eight feet tall Ragweed and more, calling it natural'.

Ms Agte seems to want it both ways, and never has acknowledged the good work the ECNA & Scouts achieved here. But that should be no surprise to anyone who knows her.

Here's some 'before' photos.

And 'after' cleanup.
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Re: The irony of Elizabeth Agte and parks.
« Reply #2 on: January 11, 2023, 08:08:54 pm »
You would think the very basic concept used in those "other local parks" would be understood by Ms Lizzy.

That basic concept is the SINGLE fact that public safety ALWAYS comes FIRST.

And Governor Hochul just spoke about that in her State of the State address... "My number 1 concern will always be the SAFETY of all New Yorkers". Those were the words of the Leader of this State, and agencies like NYPA & NYS Canal Corporation, have people that march to that order, Safety is #1.

Perhaps our Governor should have added this statement, for people like Ms Agte who seem helpless to grasp the simple concepts of public safety... that her promise of SAFETY also applies to those people who don't know the danger they are in or the public who could be affected due to proximity to that danger.

Maybe then Ms Agte would finally understand that it's not polite to the public to simply IGNORE their safety because it doesn't fit your personal narrative.

Unsafe trees are ALWAYS dealt with the SAME way in any public park, or national forest. Those danger trees are trimmed, if it's possible to eliminate the danger AND keep the tree alive, or the ENTIRE tree is removed, especially if it's mere presence is causing the danger.

And the State of New York has made the case that Trees on Canal Embankment DAMS are a danger to the public, including much of that public who are miles away but would be underwater in a flood caused by an Erie Canal breach.

It's all here, read for yourself.

And that's the very important point that Ms Agte and her gal pal Ms Maier want to ignore, and worse, want to spread their ignorance all over Facebook or the Rochester area news outlets.

They don't believe these canal embankments are dams, and want their followers to repeat that lie.

They don't believe Erie Canal dams should adhere to the same NYS laws and guidelines that other dams of similar composition have to follow... these are "different" they say.

These two Facebook friends also dont believe that tree covered earthen dams are even "unsafe" as the State Environmental study has proven.

They call any discussion about Erie Canal safety "lies and conspiracy talk...fear mongering they say."

And all if this is because these two "crusaders" prefer "shade" for their canal trail walks, and don't mind that it's at the cost of safety for those living below these unsafe man-made structures.

Whether it's Ms Agte, or Ms Maier... it doesn't matter which one spreads the misinformation. One of them makes up their own "facts", while the other  person will swear its all true and that NY State is the enemy of the Erie, and these two Facebook geniuses are the only "answer" to saving the Canal from "sterilization & destruction." These two have created their own... "Canal Cult".

Read more here about how these two ladies, and their Facebook group, have spread mis-information all over Rochester using the Rochester Beacon as their mouthpiece.

The ECNA comments are below:

And please, take the time to decide for yourself... using real facts, real science, and the words of those who actually have to answer to the public if they ignore a safety issue and someone dies.

The question is simple: Do Erie Canal Embankments pose a threat to the public, and the State of NY?

Because, after all, IF public safety is the #1 concern of the NYS Governor and her Government, and IF the answer to that question above is a YES, then the "public" should be telling these two Facebook friends to "Cease & Desist", and stop putting New Yorkers in danger!

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