Author Topic: Canal Leak Bushnells Basin -Marsh Rd area  (Read 31 times)

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Canal Leak Bushnells Basin -Marsh Rd area
« on: May 24, 2020, 08:32:32 am »
I found this article on the  STCC Facebook page today. Interesting to see the responses to this lady's request.

My first reaction to this is that the leak was noted about 4 years ago. This would be a little before the NYPA decided to carry out the long overdue repairs to the dilapidated canal system. Unfortunately, a group called the Stop The Canal Clearcut put a stop to this, with a court injunction brought about by the three municipalities.

The problem is really simple. There is a precise method to carrying out repairs like leaks. It involved removing the vegetation to thoroughly inspect the area, and allow the heavy equipment to get in to excavate and repack the embankment if required. It also likely involves regrading the slope, as many areas are not adequately sloped.

I suspect the Canal Corp is simply waiting until later this year when they commence their Earthen Embankment Integrity Program.  see

This has little to do with Town Supervisors.

Mr Gallagher has a point. You should consider the potential threat of flood. Remember, when this area flooded in 1974, it caused a ton of problems. It does not take much for a flood to occur. The NYPA has plenty of money to deal with this. They are eager to spend it, but have been held up by the STCC.

Kevin seems to have forgotten there is already a plan in place to address your (and other) leaks. It's called the Earthen Embankment Integrity Program. Did the STCC forget this?

We, the ECNA, have already done the FOIL request for this area, a couple of years ago. It's logged on the web site somewhere. I'll have to take a look. To summarise it, FOIL is so heavily redacted there isn't a ton of information.  The reason? Too much valuable information to be published, a threat to security from those who wish to do us harm.
Actually, the canal belongs to the NYPA, but it's irrelevant.
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I'm surprised that Mike C didn't give a stern warning about Lori's main issue... She's Talking to the WRONG GROUP for help with a canal safety issue. Unfortunately the STCC group in is "safety denial". 

Lori,you wanted advice so here's the best we can offer from the ECNA:

1) Do NOT talk to a group about embankment leaks or other safety issues on the Erie Canal, that has been actively fighting AGAINST safety repairs since they formed.

These people do NOT believe you have a leak that matters, or that anything is wrong with the canal. They have fought against all of the recent embankment safety work, the canal owners have tried to perform, for the past 3 years. We actually have 4 leaks on our property, and you can get this repaired quite easily... just ask the New York Canal Corporation to close this leak with steel plates... read below.

You may want to check out our Forum for Canal Neighbors -

2) Do NOT believe anyone in a Leadership Role within the STCC group or if their name appears on the Comment Names List in your post.

These folks have all stated they do not believe the canal is unsafe at one time or another and several have been called out by rogue members of the STCC who are trying to steer the group towards the truth.  And this STCC member (Kevin) is most likely the worst, as he tends to oversimplify safety to one statement, "if it ain't broke don't fix it".

The STCC group often says it's "their canal" but they will do NOTHING to help maintain it, they do not help clean the canal trails as part of NY Parks & Trails, and they will tell you to call "someone else" to try and fix YOUR canal problem, because "they do NOT want to fix their own canal" in reality. They are content to watch it "decay into disaster".

And when that happens they will turn about face, and blame others for not keeping their canal in proper working order.

3) Be careful of criticizing the Stop the Canal Clear-cut Leader & Co-Founders Ms. E. Agte or Ms. G. Maier

These two have denied everything from unsafe earthen embankment dams to the worst safety issue on the Canal in Perinton...which is burrowing animals on a 100 year old earthen dam. They can't undersatnd that they are fighting to protect the biggest threat to you and every neighbor in Perinton & Fairport.

Just take a look at this posting about recent pink flags seen in Perinton.

Ms. Agte doesn't understand the issues that woodchuck burrows present to canal dams, she also doesn't understand what invasive plant species are doing to the embankments either. She has actively worked against PUBLIC SAFETY of Perinton & Fairport and to this day still refuses to believe there are unsafe dams or any safety issues along the canal system... despite proof otherwise. The group, and it's leaders seem to miss the point being made by NY canal ownership about the safety of the waterway & trails.

The best advice we have about Woodchucks & Muskrats on the canal is here:

We also have a post on our website about this topic:!-the-first-sign-of-common-sense-from-the-stcc-facebook-page/msg647/#msg647

But you were looking for someone to actually help YOU with your Canal Leak Issue, that's why you looked to the STCC.

The best advice is simple... that advice help won't come from the Stop the Canal Clear-cut group. They will simply deny the issue, because fixing it means clearing many trees away to get at the problem and resolve it.. which is dead tree roots causing a "piping" of water in your yard.

Here's what you have shown in your pictures, from what we know:

The box installed by the NYCC is called a Weir Gate and it has a sensor that allows the amount of water flow to be measured. That leak rate tells the Canal Corp when it's time to fix that leak... which is done by driving 40' tall metal plates between the water in the canal and your leak. If you are worried, call the NYS Canal Corporation and they will send the local Engineer out to take a look, and also plan for a repair if it's time. They will gladly relieve your worry and make the canal safer, that's their job.

Here's some phone numbers that will help


Administrative Headquarters -518-449-6000
Lyons Section - 315-871-4300
Buffalo Division Office - 716-686-4400
Maintenance & Operations - 518-449-6055

Good luck in your endeavor, contact us directly or maybe want to visit our main website for Erie Canal Neighbors ---
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The ECNA had a great conversation with Engineer &Technical Support from the NYS Canal Corporation yesterday. The Canal Engineer was in the Brockport area checking known leaks and looking for new issue along the canal.

I was told that there is normally a 24 hour turnaround from the Canal Corp for anyone using their website to contact, and any issues, including Weir Gate flow, would be looked at immediately.

Use the webpage below and be specific on the location. Look at the Weir Gate measuring box itself for a Canal ID number.