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Leaky Liz - Gee Whiz!
« on: August 07, 2022, 09:22:36 pm »

We all know Eerie Agte isn't too good on common sense, and is trying really hard to feed her narcissistic image of grandeur to her flock of sheep followers, but she really does show her ignorance when she starts spouting of numbers and calling the Canal Corporation into question.

Wouldn't it be logical to see that as things progress, the Canal Corporation would find even more leaks? Wouldn't it be logical to warn people of the dangers of these leaks?

In the Spring there were 200 leaks, in mid summer there are 260. Doesn't that sound like a problem? Doesn't that ring alarm bells?

Just a reminder, in 2018 they started Embankment Integrity work with only 27 known & monitored leaks on the NYS Canal System

It's time that some politicians and a few neighbors stopped listening to this demented woman and started to listen to the real engineers and hard working people of the NYPA and the Canal Corporation.

My question to you is simple.
Where is the motivation of these employees, or these government institutions to lie when they are trying to prevent a tragedy?

The tragedy is that Ms Agte isn't in a straight jacket.

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Re: Leaky Liz - Gee Whiz!
« Reply #1 on: August 08, 2022, 10:29:50 am »
And its "more conspiracy theories" from Ms. Agte, all of this extra press is to "scare" the public about Embankment Integrity issues, just as the Canal Corporation is preparing the release of their State Environmental Impact Study.

Ms. Agte herself, just stated that there has been an increase of 30% in recorded leaks along Erie Canal Earthen Dams, and somehow believes it's all "normal". Really?

There are only 125 miles of Earthen Dams in the system, only about 27 miles have been cleared enough to do proper Earthen dam inspections. You would think dams, that leak every four to five hundred yards, would seem to be a danger to the public below them...but apparently not to Ms.Agte.

Must be all that "trail shade" that's causing her blindness to those in danger below...right?

That Embankment Integrity SEQR environmental study, Elizabeth mentioned, shows justification for their proposed Earthen Dam Repair Program, and will hopefully bring an end to this Facebook groups fantasy that still claims that "nothing is wrong with the Canal System, perhaps thats what she fears the most here...

Even the Mayor of Fairport recognizes the inherent issues with a century old canal, thats leaking badly from missed maintenance

But READ THE ARTICLE, please, for your own understanding.

Because MOST people using the Erie Canal in Fairport are seeing a benefit from "lower water levels" this season, for a multitude of reasons.

Fairport, N.Y. — Boaters on the Erie Canal in Fairport have noted water levels are lower than they've been in the past.

That's because the New York State Canal Corporation decided to lower the level by 1 foot for the 2022 season, as a way to keep a closer eye on leaks along the canal and relieve pressure on them.

The decrease doesn't seem to be impacting too many people. Doug Richie, a boater from Florida traveling the canal, said he and his crew haven't encountered any issues. "I think the lowest we were in was probably 6 feet," Richie said. "That is probably the lowest we have been in. But other than that, coming up here today we are probably in the average 11 to 15 feet."

And this from the owners of the Colonial Belle, which says lower water levels help them out quite a bit

"For us, it gives us extra space under the low bridges," said Tammee Poinan Grimes, captain of the Colonial Belle. "That is actually an advantage to us being a taller vessel." "Last year, we actually had super high water, we had a lot of rain, and the water was at normal pool and we actually had a few days where we could not cruise at all because the water was too high and we couldn’t fit under the low bridges," she added. "So for us, if it rains a bit now, we are still OK."

It appears that the only person who disapproves is a "trail user" from Perinton, Ms Elizabeth Agte.

Go figure, she isnt even using the waterway, but claims to be the "local expert" on all things related to the NYS Canal System... just ask her.

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