Author Topic: REAL Canal Issues!  (Read 16 times)

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REAL Canal Issues!
« on: July 10, 2021, 05:46:30 am »

REAL issues?  Ms Donk seems to think that flooding, canal breeches, inspections of a class C HIGH HAZARD DAM, are not REAL ISSUES along the Canal?

How dense can these people be? 

I am simply horrified at the stupidity of some of these STCC members! Not only to believe their flawed thinking is true...

But to actually say it out loud in a Facebook Post, so that everyone in Rochester can see how ridiculous it all sounds.

What's the saying...OMG?

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Michael Caswell

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Re: Canals REAL issues!
« Reply #1 on: July 10, 2021, 05:53:40 am »


Whatever will this group & it's leader, come up with next?

 (We've already seen then tout SHADE,  OXYGEN LOSS and SELLING TREES FOR PROFIT- I guess all that must have gotten tired)

The mind boggles at this one.

It's not a PARKLAND, it 's an EARTHEN DAM for crying out loud!   

Worse, it's a CLASS C High Hazard DAM, holding millions of gallons of water which is leaking out all over the place.

An unplanned TREE being toppled or a Tree ROOT piping canal water, and hundreds of people would drown!

All it takes is one Woodchuck burrow collapsing and 150' of Embankment Slope can disappear in a couple hours, and no way to stop 66 million gallons of water from crashing down on Perinton or Fairport

PHEW!'s a Parkland
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Re: Canals REAL issues!
« Reply #2 on: July 10, 2021, 07:55:50 am »
Sadly the idea of this Facebook group being able to understand how the Canal System works is not coming to fruition.

They don't even understand who's responsible for the water, the Empire trail, the land around it, or the bridges that traverse it...

No matter how many times the NYS Canal Corporation states that "Canal Lift Bridges are maintained by, and the responsibility of, the NYS Dept. of Transportation, the folks in this group continue to believe otherwise.

Similar to how many times the groups & it's leaders have been told the Canal Embankments will be treated like the Earthen Dams that they are, and these Embankments fall under NYS Dam Rules & Regulations for safety, accessibility, and vegetation cover.

So why do members like Ms Donk, Mr Gallagher, Ms Agte and Maier think that "the NYS rules don't apply" and they should be allowed to "make up their own new ones"?

And this Facebook Group believes they can make up those new Earthen Embankment rules with NO understanding of Dam Safety or Function, NO understanding of Danger imposed on the public by impounded water, and NO care for anything but "shade", no care for the Erie Canal Neighbors loving below.

Do they really think the OWNERS of the NYS Canal System would even consider listening to anyone who can't understand the basic premise of "public safety" on their property?

Somehow the Stop the Canal Clear-cut believes they should..

Just because Agte & Maier say they should.

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