Author Topic: Cut stone for the embankments? What a joke!  (Read 67 times)

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Re: Cut stone for the embankments?
« on: June 14, 2022, 06:58:21 am »
I really hate to be the one to state the "obvious" here, with this crazy statement from this group's leader

Just how do we know that a "lock out of water" is working or able to hold water? We don't, and Ms Agte is practicing "wishful thinking" here.

Or how about the fact that Ms Agte is comparing a rock portion of the Erie Canal, that is no longer used, against an earthen embankment dam section that is always used, and has seen freeze/thaw cycles for 100 years? And let's not ignore that grass that is growing between the grout lines of these lock stones, more than likely all possible leak points.

Why compare a small portion of the original Erie Canal, that hasn't been used in 100+ years, against the current NYS Barge Canal, and it's issues with 125 miles of unsafe earthen embankment dams in the first place? It's like comparing a 1910 Ford Model T that's sitting in a museum, against a 2010 Ford Explorer driven daily with 150k miles.

But this is all something called "common sense" or "reality".

Sadly common sense is a commodity in short supply on Facebook, and especially in the Stop the Canal Clear-cut Group, who appears to have lost touch with reality.
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