Author Topic: DAM is missing from Embankment.  (Read 86 times)

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More Trees falling into and along the Erie Canal
« on: August 12, 2020, 03:28:44 pm »

Does anyone remember what the NYS Canal Corporation said about Unsafe Trees & Unsafe Dams at the start of their Embankment Work?

I believe it was that Trees are causing issues for boaters and have made the raised Embankment Dams unsafe.. if I recall. But a Fairport, NY based group of naysayers, disagreed with those statements, and called the Canal Corporation liars that were over-hyping safety.That Facebook group has ALSO been SILENT as of late, wonder if it's because they see these Notice to Mariners as well.

Because in the NYS Canal Corporation it's just another day that a near miss happened and trees fell again along or into the canal

Now I'm sure that this Facebook group is already hatching their next explanation. Most likely the STCC Leaders will claim that the Canal Corporation is placing these trees in the water and pushing them over to block the main  Erie Canal waterway. Just so they can issue these Notices to Mariners afterwards. Like the New York State Canal Corporation has nothing better to do with a 500 mile Canal System that's crumbing before their eyes, and a group that's been standing in their way to fix it.

How long before we hear on a story line like this on our local news stations?

New at 6pm: Large Tree Falls along the Erie Canal today killing a biker & hiker in Monroe County

Remember when that happens the first people who will be up in arms will be this same group that has been trying to stop the Canal Corporation from fixing their falling tree issues.. the Stop the Canal Clear Cut Group on Facebook.

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