Author Topic: It's a damned cheek. Stealing our work!  (Read 40 times)

Michael Caswell

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It's a damned cheek. Stealing our work!
« on: August 26, 2020, 03:38:19 pm »

SHE fought AGAINST this view for two years! Before we started, you couldn’t see the canal for weeds and junk.
SHE wanted it left in a mess, old tires and all. I have a copy of her email that says so! SHE  - harassed the Boy Scout project.
AND now SHE wants to take the credit for OUR work?  This wretch of a woman couldn’t even pick up her own dog poo!

I have a mind to give her a piece off my mind!  Damned cheek!
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Crystal Springs Neighbor

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Re: It's a damned cheek. Stealing our work!
« Reply #1 on: August 26, 2020, 05:28:09 pm »
I read her post again, I think she means the view of the trees covering the embankment across the canal.

That's the canal dam that keeps Crystal Springs neighbors up at night, wondering if Perinton is another Midland Michigan type flood, just waiting to happen here. And this Agte woman must not see the people living below the embankment in danger either.

Sorry her back is hurting, but to be honest, she seems to be nothing but a pain in the ass to canal neighbors who only want safer embankments and not have to buy flood protect our homes.

We've walked your Oxbow trail Mike. Thank you for your work, it's one of the nicest parks around.
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Re: It's a damned cheek. Stealing our work!
« Reply #2 on: August 26, 2020, 06:17:21 pm »

I am sure that most people in Fairport & Perinton remember what the Oxbow used to look like before the ECNA started to clear the Oxbow Loop Trail again.

If not here's a reminder. And that group of people, they were the ones who cleared the way so Queen Agte could stroll around and enjoy those waterfront views. I am not sure, but don't think she was there for the real work to make that park what it is today....

You know this has all been covered before... on the Oxbow Blog.

In fact if I remember the entire Oxbow adoption was written up in the Canalway Trail Times

I think in light of all of this evidence it must be that Ms A. was taking credit for leaving the unsafe trees on the unsafe embankment dam ACROSS from Oxbow Park.. just like the Crystal Spring post stated. I guess all those people there will know who to thank, if that Oxbow Lake Dam ever has a breach and floods all of Perinton west of the Erie.

But I think I know what the issue "really"  is....

Just to be clear Michael, Ms Agte actually lives in a neighborhood directly connected to the Oxbow Park, from what I understand.  And still to this day she has not contributed one ounce of sweat or one single dollar to support any of the clean-up activities that she was so proudly telling her new friends about? She hasn't joined the NYS Parks & Trails Adopt-a-Trail Program has she? Maybe did a little weeding when she was walking Reggie?

Well it seems to me that she must somehow believe that she's the "Mayor of Oxbow Park".

But that can't be, because all of the volunteers already agreed that Mike Caswell is the Mayor of Oxbow Park.
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