Author Topic: Dissent amongst the ranks of the STCC  (Read 268 times)

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Once again that this Facebook Group is losing members as they speak up or post something that doesn't fall in line with the Group's Supreme Leader... Ms Agte, Sadly, Ms. Rose Marie-Therese has put a post up that wasn't acceptable, and is now gone.

This is a recent look at the STCC Facebook site, where it seems another person's post has been removed, right along with that person's STCC Group "membership card" also being revoked. Maybe someone can share that post with the group here, because you know at the ECNA the entire public is welcome.

If you happened to notice, Rose was one of the earliest supporters of Ms. Agte's efforts to delude the public, even getting her first posts placed into the Group's Announcement section on the webpage. She has been a fairly active supporter and has quite a few posts on the Facebook Group's discussion page.

I wish this Stop the Canal Clear-Cut Group was really "public" as is claimed in their web space, just so I could have shared what was posted that caused the ban. But only people in the public who pledge loyalty to the Group's Founders & their Movement are allowed to join this Facebook Group.

The STCC group appears to run pretty much like the White House these days, agree with the "supreme leader" and you are OK. If you don't agree and/or speak your mind, you find yourself on the "outside looking in" in a hurry.  This isn't the first time outspoken members have been silenced and banned, which is probably a good thing for them at the end of the day... right?

After all, how long can intelligent people listen to the same mistruths, from the same blind leaders, who are only interested in serving their own needs?

Bravo Ms. Rose Marie-Therese for whatever you said to try and help these poor lost souls in the Stop the Canal Clear-Cut Catastrophe....

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