Author Topic: Dissent amongst the ranks of the STCC  (Read 268 times)

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Re: Dissent amongst the ranks of the STCC
« on: June 09, 2019, 08:09:31 am »
I would be willing to place a bet that Mr. Robert G Langdon will be removed from the ranks of membership in the Stop the Canal Clearcut group before too long. Ms Maier, Ms. Agte, and Ms. Gouldthorpe don't take kindly to "constructive criticism", even when it's dead on correct.

And we just heard from Mr. Gallagher of the STCC, who says the STCC owns the Erie Canal maybe they will bar Mr. Langdon from using it as punishment for his honesty. Pretty bold statement he made, and like always with the STCC..." Sometimes the Truth Hurts"

The ECNA has long stood behind its accuracy of posting the truth about the STCC, it's been a steady campaign of misinformation & deception with these folks from day 1. Started with the lie they told themselves. We are really sure other members feel the same way, but have to remain silent for fear of being expelled.

All we can say is this...Come join the ECNA, and help the fight to Save the Erie Canal... let's have the discussion about Dam Rehabilitation, not just say it's all wrong for upstate NY.

It's nice to know that some folks in the STCC group are willing to stand up and speak their "truth to management". It probably won't help to correct the internal leadership issues, but let's people know the truth about the groups antics.... And it's a start of maybe more people telling the Agte, Maier & Gallagher of the world they are wrong.

The STCC has the wrong message, wrong tactics, and is wrong for public safety.

Thank you Mr. Langdon for your "honesty", a rare commodity in the ranks of the STCC... as you have so aptly noted.
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