Author Topic: Dissent amongst the ranks of the STCC  (Read 277 times)

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The cracks are appearing  - more every day.
It seems Ms Agte has been bugging half of New York's bureaucracy to discover 'dirt' on the trapping of Woodchucks.

She's so wrong on so many points. If the bait in these traps is an apple or vegetable, it's highly unlikely a cat is going to be interested. Most homeowners backing onto these embankments are going to be pissed off with dogs running riot over their embankments, and people should stay on the trail, they have no business on the slopes. These are embankment dams, not some tourist attraction.

It's all so negative, and obviously, as usual, the STCC tries to portray the Canal Corp in a bad light.

But a Mr Cody Butlin, a resident whose property backs onto the embankment, has voiced his opinion here -

Notice Mr Mangefrida doesn't understand the comparison of a woodchuck burrow leaking water from the canal would look like a fire hydrant opened at full force.

And I have to ask, all the concern for the poor dead woodchucks from many in this pitiful parade of people, and not one person sees the danger of these burrowing animals in these dams - except Mr Butlin, and he's getting shouted down. I wonder how long it will be before he's banned?

I don't understand why no one has once mentioned the loss of HUMAN LIFE that could occur because of ONE woodchuck burrow. There are hundreds of small kids in the Jefferson Ave school, not a couple of hundred yards away from a 50 foot high wall of water that would flow for SIX hours if the dam broke in Fairport.

Notice that most of those saying it's cruel to kill these rodents are women. I find that really weird, because you would have thought they'd be supportive of ensuring the SAFETY of the families and children living underneath these dams.  Shame on them!

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