Author Topic: Dissent amongst the ranks of the STCC  (Read 218 times)

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So if Mr. Mangefrida Jr. didn’t see something happen along the Erie Canal it couldn’t have happened? Really?

Well the date was May 10, 2008 in the Town of Sweden, just west of Brockport along the south side of the Erie Canal… that was the last time I think there was a woodchuck based embankment breach in our area…  if you mean the “western section”  of the NYS Barge Canal.

What do I win?

Oh wait... you want proof that I know what I’m talking about? Why didn’t Mr. Mangefrida or any of the STCC have to produce proof for their outrageous claims? Well I have proof… here’s a small selection of pictures I put in a collage...

This was on West Canal Rd, in the town of Sweden, which runs west off Redman Rd. There are only a handful of houses here and one of the owners saw that “fire hydrant” pouring into the basin in front of their house and called the Canal Corporation to fix it. I was called to photograph and video the whole thing by an employee of the NYCC. They wanted to see the repair from the road view... and I had access to the service road for this dam section. I have more pictures if anyone is interested in seeing them... let me know.

Here’s about 2 minutes of pounding the emergency plate into the embankment dam to FIX the woodchuck burrow leak on W.Canal Rd.

If you look close at the pictures you can see where they patched the hole up before they pounded those plates in.

I guess I was "Dam" lucky to have been there and see the leak, otherwise we all might believe Mr. Mangefrida who took a guess it appears. It's obvious to most that these animal burrow issues DO cause a breach if left unchecked. And with all the large trees & small bramble on the Erie Canal embankments that’s obviously not possible right now. Inspections in many places simply aren't possible anymore due to the thick overgrowth

People in Fairport are talking about seeing animal burrows marked and traps on Nextdoor Apps… please… do the math.

Having any animal burrows on unsafe embankment dams, that are impossible to inspect properly, is just a catastrophe waiting to happen…
Right now there are 62 MILLION gallons of water sitting overhead many neighborhoods in Fairport with Zones 57 & 58 near the Oxbow Lake area… and many extended neighborhoods are also sitting some 50’ below the canal waterline. One animal burrow there means 62 million gallons of water will drain out... as that fire hydrant gets wider and wider.

Time to decide… do you want to keep your unsafe dams covered with trees or not. If not then please tell the Stop the Canal Clearcut group to stop speaking for YOU!

And what does Mr. Mangefrida and the rest of those STCC folks have to say now? Still think these are cute fuzzy woodchucks who need a home?