Author Topic: Why does the STCC continue to deny Unsafe Erie Canal Embankments Exist?  (Read 19 times)

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It seems this whole matter of Unsafe Embankments along the Erie Canal comes down to what people CHOOSE to believe.

And the STCC is chock full of people that simply refuse to believe the written word... about Embankment Dam Safety

Here's another conversation going on right now... notice how quick Mr. Mangefrida is to say "No Danger from Trees" simply because what another STCC Member has posted

Now had this person actually taken the time to READ CAREFULLY, he would have found there are two other documents that cover EXACTLY what eveyone has been saying about Canal Embankments... Too many Trees...Too many Burrows

A quick search shows these two Embankment Manuals are online:

And guess what... they BOTH support the total removal of all woody vegetation from Earthen Embankment Dams... no wonder

So you see... it's all out there if you want to look at find it...and of course...BELIEVE IT

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