Author Topic: Dr. Fauci explains why some groups try to fight against Public Health & Safety  (Read 39 times)

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I was just about to post the following comments when I saw this one about Dr Fauci.

What a coincidence that I clicked on a link mistakenly and up popped this page

A quick scan through it and I remembered the two letters to the STCC from Brian Stratton. They are worth a read folks because Mr Stratton explains, in no uncertain terms, why there is a difference between a dam and a levee, and why the dams are unsafe. He corrects several unsubstantiated claims by STCC members, and spells out the NYPA plan to remove vegetation from only high risk areas (dams).

So, why has the STCC published these letters? They can obviously read, but it just hasn't sunk in. Doesn't the publication of these letters make them look stupid? I don't see the STCC purpose in publishing them.

They are in complete denial of the truth apparently because they are still banging the same old drum.

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