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Well, it's time to see if the Public & ECNA Guests & Members agree with recent statements, made by the Stop the Canal Clearcut Facebook group, calling us out for "non-productive" dialog on the Erie Canal Embankment Remediation work.

We are going to use our Forum polling tool to answer that question... so VOTE after you read this posting...please.

We will use this post to show our members, our active & "fence-walking" supporters, and those who visit frequently from the STCC group, how the ECNA has ALWAYS put the message of Erie Canal safety first, and supplied anyone who visits our website, enough USEFUL information to make their own decisions on the importance of these Embankment Safety efforts.

We want to hear back from our viewers if we have accomplished that task and added value to your understanding of the Embankment Integrity Program

We do understand members of the STCC group do look to the ECNA for information at times which some may say could "taint" our poll results. Rest assured there are features within our Polling Tool that prevent massive multiple voting from the same member or guest. You can change your vote if you like... but will not be able to stuff the ballot box..  so to speak

And we will prove our case with as little words as possible to save you time and get your vote in to our Poll.

1) Look at the picture below.  This is what our guests see when they visit the ECNA Forum page.

2) Note the highlighted items, Safety Message, Forum Board Titles, also note the number of topics & postings.

If you have taken the time, and many have, to dive into these site Boards, you will find they are filled with links to anything and everything related to Embankment Dam Remediation Process, Rules & Regulations. You will find Facts, not opinions, on the Canal Corporation Program to repair it's embankments and clean up  it's overgrown property. You will also see the ECNA's rebuttle of the STCC Facebook group, in the pursuit of protecting the truth about this Earthen Dam work and the safety issues that prompted it.

Hasn't the ECNA done everything in the name of having a Productive Dialog on the Erie Canal, doesn't this one picture show that?

Please.. go and vote in our poll, make your voice heard

Closing Statement on STCC:
Perhaps what aggravates the STCC to make such a false and inaccurate claim, is that the ECNA has shown this group's true nature, towards safety, on our website. It's been done openly and honestly. Many times we simply used their own words to show how their own narrative was "unproductive" dialog. Now that their supporters start to see the holes,  many have decided to feed us more of their words.. which we share with the PUBLIC because the STCC is now "For Members ONLY"

Well perhaps it's time to leave the STCC behind and look ahead as the new Canal Corporation Earthen Embankment Integrity Program starts to ramp up in Pittsford, Brighton, Perinton and Fairport. The STCC group will get what it asked for with the SEQR completion. That environmental review will show the safety need of this dam integrity program and also insure nobody will throw "nature" in front of a Public Safety program AGAIN.

After all, is it really a good idea to stand in the way of a program dedicated to the safety and integrity of the Erie Canal Embankments AFTER they have been inspected and found to be UNSAFE? After the owners & caretakers of the Erie Canal have shared they need to follow new rules & regulations regarding their property & flood prevention structures?

The ECNA doesn't think so.. and neither should the Neighbors or the PUBLIC who live below the waterline

Folks. let the ECNA know if it's time to REMOVE our STCC Forum Board, use a post.. or use your vote...
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