Author Topic: Why is this Facebook Group Still Discussing Past Canal Repairs? Google CEO Has the Answer  (Read 2 times)

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It seems that, once again, this Facebook Group calling themselves the "Stop the Canal Clear-cut Group" is talking about Erie Canal Maintenance & Repairs that are two years old now and really don't matter to anyone but them. Here's it's about a misplaced Verizon communication cable that was cut during canal EMERGENCY repairs to stop a potential breach. It did put some local phone & internet out of service back in 2018, for a few days. It was repaired quickly, and both Canal Corporation and Verizon drawings have been updated

All this goes on while this Facebook group is STILL ignoring the current need to fix many unsafe earthen embankments along the NYS Canal System right in their own communities. Perinton & Fairport, birthplace of this Stop The Canal Repair movement", actually has 11 miles of unsafe New York Canal system running through it, with the hallmark of the Oxbow Lake Dam that looms over an unsuspecting community, with it's High Hazard ratings at about 5 stories high.

And of course these "concerned citizens" are planning on continuing their fight against the New York Canal Corporation, who's been trying to repair those public safety issues with their Earthen Embankment Integrity Program of vegetation management. As you can see by the comments of their Leaders, Ms. Agte and Ms. Maier, they still seem to think this is all about laying blame, not fixing problems. Here's the latest from their Facebook blog:

Now as many of you know who frequent our ECNA Forum pages, this Facebook group has been an enigma to us from the start. The question has always been the same:

How can a Facebook Group like the Stop the Canal Clear-cut, get away with fighting against Public Safety in the name of "the environment"?

We admit they have a "popular" idea in saving trees, but to say that "all trees are the same" doesn't fit with the facts & science behind this Canal Embankment program. The New York State Canal Corporation (NYSCC) has shown Federal Standards & Guidelines for Earthen Dams, including their construction & maintenance. They have science and facts on their side to support clearing up this public safety issue. Trees on earthen type dams cause dam failure, that is a fact. So not all trees are the same, it all depends on where they grow.

Trees near structures cause problems, we all know that and protect our own home foundations against large roots.

The NYSCC has also shown. through independent Embankment Inspection reports, that there are many issues with tree covered embankment dams along the entire canal system, especially in Monroe & Orleans counties. Embankment areas that have been cleared already, some 27 miles now, have ALL shown to have issues with leaks & stability once the NYSCC was able to get in and do proper inspections.

For some of these embankment dams there hasn't been a required 'annual' inspection done in over 100 years.

But finally, we here at the ECNA, have heard the BEST EXPLANATION to date, that sheds some light on why this Facebook group exists, and why it's supported by so many on social media.

The answer came in a recent interview by an ex-CEO to Google, who also was part of the YouTube social media creation, this guy helped create social media. It's a statement about all social media platforms as a whole, but fits best to those like Facebook & Nextdoor who seem to attract this type.

It's simple statement and is only a few sentences long... highlighted in the image below

Folks, You can read the entire Bloomberg article here:

We don't really need to add anything else to this thought or statement... it says it all.

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