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County Executive writes to the NYPA
« on: October 20, 2021, 12:11:37 pm »
Adam Bello writes to the NYPA

To read the entire letter - download this -

* Bello letter.pdf (259.2 kB - downloaded 4 times.)
And Mike Caswell's response --

Mr Bello Sir

I found a copy of your letter to the NYPA on the STCC Facebook page. As I read it, it soon became obvious you were parroting much of the rhetoric spouted by this radical group.

"Clinton's Ditch' was thrown together in a hurry by people who had no understanding of dam failures, they didn't understand how important slope angles had to be to ensure the Phreatic Line did not cause a breach. They certainly did not anticipate people would be so stupid as to let 150 feet tall Cottonwoods grow and infest the slope of these dams. Nor did they realise no one would be able to thoroughly inspect the slopes for leaks because of dense undergrowth.

You mention you support a 'bottom up' plan, but what exactly is that? What is your 'targeted plan'? Have you actually discussed this with any dam engineers, like the ASDSO, FEMA or USACE?  Because they ALL say - NO TREES ON A DAM!

You can't get around the fact that it is impossible to maintain these dangerous slopes with all the junk growing on them. In the event of a breach, heavy equipment could not get in fast enough to effect a repair and lives would be lost.

Did you realise that there are HUNDREDS of houses down in the Flood Hazard Zone below the canal? Have you no concern for those people and their property? Perhaps you should ask the Canal Corp for their Flood Inundation Zone maps?

It sounds like you are taking your advise from people like Elizabeth Agte & Virginia Maier, the STCC Founders, because what they are proposing is similar to your letter. They do not have a specific plan, never have had one!  They talk in romantic vagueries, about shade, squirrels, and oxygen. Good stuff for getting support - and votes, but no concrete alternative to the NYPAs's proposal.

As for your comment urging the NYPA to begin 'a meaningful engagement with residents of Monroe County', I must ask. Where have you been for the last four years? The NYPA have been dealing with this all this time, but when common sense and a complete lack of engineering skills from the residents and most politicians is missing, its very difficult to deal with.

Perhaps you should be considering the safety of the residents here. All the engineers say these dams are unsafe, and the vegetation must be removed. Rizzo Engineering reported in 2018 that they classified the Perinton Embankment dam  as Class C HIGH HAZARD - UNABLE TO INSPECT thoroughly, due to undergrowth and trees. But that doesn't fly well with the STCC, they'd rather not talk about THAT! There is so much they have glossed over, but you can get many facts to disprove much of what the STCC has spouted here-

And please go and talk to some dam engineers, they have some really good ones at the NYPA. People could die without their EEIP plan being implemented.

Michael Caswell

Erie Canal Neighbors Association
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Re: County Executive writes to the NYPA
« Reply #1 on: October 20, 2021, 01:19:48 pm »
Mike, because you asked, yes I will post my reply to Mr. Bello's NPA Letter. I am not as kind as Mike... and I could not find a release of that letter that found its way to the Facebook page, at least not on Mr. Bello's FB pages. Not sure where the PDF came from, for now it's "alleged" to be written by Mr. Bello. LOL

--- ECNA Co-Founder Response to Mr. Bello's NYPA letter ---

The letter was a joke...

And Mr Bello...just another local politician who believes it's better to support causes that may yield votes, than to support  state efforts to improve public safety in the Erie Canal Corridor.

No trees on dams, that's the rule, unless they meet a very limited and narrow criteria that will insure dam sustainability and public safety. That's the rule, the best practice and the DEC requirement in many US states... but for some reason it won't work here? Why not?

I'm sure that Mr Bello does not think this same way about other safety related issues, like Car, Health, and Life insurance purchases.

Probably hasn't been in a car accident but still makes sure he has insurance. It's a rule to drive in NY State and also to protect oneself.

Same reason that people and property owners clear vegetation on earthen dams.

Mr Bello probably hasn't been sick in awhile, but still makes sure his family is protected with affordable health care... won't leave that to chance.

But he can let Canal Communities and Neighbors live in danger from unsafe earthen embankments.

And he's healthy, why bother with life insurance, when death seems so far away?

No, I'm sure that he has a policy to protect his family in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

Just like State Requirements for keeping Earthen Embankments covered with grass and not invasive vegetation.

Just another political hypocrite in Monroe County...what's new?

Don't waste your breath Mike, Mr Bello doesn't appear to care about facts, truth, or public safety.

Why else would he think he could find the answers to safer canal embankment dams on Facebook, in a group fighting against public safety and safer water impoundments.

What a joke his letter was, not one shred of truth, not one statement that supports the safety of NY residents...

But I'm sure he has the admiration (and votes) from the Stop the Canal Clear-cut leaders and the members they have brainwashed. And one day he just might wake up to see how wrong he was on public safety...

How can anyone sleep at night that turns a public safety program into an argument about "the environment"?

It has to be the most crass thing anyone can do. This is about shade to some, while those in danger, like canal neighbors, have to worry about water washing their homes and lives away. Go on Mr Bello...please DENY the public safety issue with unsafe Erie Canal dams as much as you want... the only one looking foolish will be you.

Tell the local news  that you and a group on Facebook don't believe the danger along the Erie Canal is "real".

Mike, I don't know why you let these ignorant people bother you so much. In the end those that fight against public safety will be shown for what they truly are... wrong.


Please release your EEIP Maintenance package and restore safety to canal neighbors, before more politicians make fools of themselves.
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Re: County Executive writes to the NYPA
« Reply #2 on: October 26, 2021, 10:07:22 am »
We just received an email from a resident who recently moved out of State.

A little advice, which Iím sure you already know, youíre dealing with a politically infected public servant. This guy will kiss butt where he has to. He is precisely why NYS is in the dumper and why people who give a hoot move out. Facts do NOT matter to this moron. Political pay, in favors, money or position motivate this guy and most of the political types.

Until one of these dams burst, you are wasting your time and energy.

Wish you well.

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