Author Topic: Facebook's STCC Group Founder has been Wrong All Along  (Read 168 times)

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Just when you thought you had seen it wake up to find this...

This is the REPLY by the Founder of the Stop the Canal Clear-cut with her "assessment" of the Brockport canal leak that has caused a navigation channel closure for 10 miles.

Seems that the Facebook Group protesting clear-cutting that isn't happening, and wants to save trees that have become a danger to Canal Users, has now taken up the work of "historical restoration" of the Macedon Canal area near the recent breach of an earthen bank.

And the Founder & Leader of that group has also has restated her claim that the Canal Corporation should be working on "manmade" structures... not the "embankments". Sadly she must somehow STILL cling to the hope that the embankments all "magically appeared" to route all this water through New York State. She doesn't want to accept the FACT that these earthen embankments ARE actually BUILT, they were man-made, right along with all the other water impoundments used to create the NYS Canal System.

It's right there in PRINT if she would READ... and of course understand what is written. And that seems to be the issue here...basic reading comprehension.

But in some people's worlds the distinction of what constitutes "man-made" probably has to do with "color".

Green things are "all natural", like grass, trees and EARTHEN EMBANKMENT DAMS that form the Erie Canal... Ms. Agte doesn't accept these built impounding structures are "man-made"... but won't tell us how they got here, if men weren't the ones who did it. Anything "not green" is man-made, like a cement wall, a old stone aqueduct, or an embankment wall near Smith Street in Brockport.

And of course, it's time to start yet another "conspiracy theory" within this Stop the Canal Clear-cut Facebook Group...

Did you hear?

It's a very possible, according to one Ms. Elizabeth Agte, that the New York Power Authority (NYPA) is deliberately trying to "undermine" the Erie Canal.

Yes, the same NYPA who petitioned the Governor of NY to let them manage the Canal System and help it turn a profit...finally

Yes, the same New York Power who has funded and backed a huge initiative to Reimagine the Canals, and is making great strides in transforming a 200 year old idea, into a 21st century entity that will change with the times... away from commercial use and more towards public recreation.

Yes, the same New York Power Authority who has been given the task of fixing a NYS Canal System that was deemed UNSAFE back in 2014, and those safety issues were ignored by it's prior owners to the point where it had to be "reallocated" to a ownership.

YES... the same NYPA ownership who has PROMISED that NYS Taxpayers will NOT have to fund the negative balance sheet of the NYS Erie Canal. This owner is not only taking care of the safety issues along the canal, they are doing it on THEIR dime, paid for by profits from the "product" that they sell.

Perhaps it's time to have someone within this Facebook group help their Founder understand the TRUTH about what parts of the NYS Canal System are "man-made". I think the answer is just about all of it, with the exception of a few river sections in the Middle Section.

Maybe someone in the group should be explaining to their Leadership that the owners of the Canal System ARE trying to work on UNSAFE "man-made" structures first... they are called Earthen Embankments.

And by the way, YOUR group is actively trying to stand in their way of getting those safety issues repaired, just thought you should know.

Folks, just expressing MY opinion here:

There hasn't been a group that is this dysfunctional since January 6th, when Insurrectionists, led by another "not to bright" leader, were referred to as "patriots" defending a "just cause". The cause at that time was the overthrow of a government, after a free & fair election of a new President.

And the leader of that group also wouldn't believe the truth, accept the facts, and tried hard to muster forces to work AGAINST what was best for the Public.

Think about it...
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