Author Topic: Facebook Group Co-Founder is still WRONG on Canal Embankment Integrity Work  (Read 23 times)

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Once again it's Ms. E. Agte to the "rescue", stating her case, twisting her own truth "just enough" to make it seem like it's fact. Here's the latest letter from this group to the Canal Corporation regarding their new Earthen Embankment Integrity Program, or EEIP as it's referred to.

Folks, read that program name AGAIN... Earthen Embankment Integrity Program. It's IMPORTANT later in this conversation.

Here's Ms. Agte's rant of the day about Canal Corp's plans regarding making Embankment Dams safe along the Erie Canal:

Now at the bottom of her letter is a rather remarkable twisting of the FACTS, but few will spot it. I underlined the statement in RED.

Ms. Agte INCORRECTLY states what this EEIP work being taken on by the owners of the Canal Corporation is all about. She stated this new EEIP effort is a "Tree Maintenance" program.... when in fact it is NOT.

The Earthen EMBANKMENT INTEGRITY Program is about maintenance of Erie Canal EMBANKMENT DAMS that are running though NY State.

It's about insuring those DAMS are properly cleared so much needed INSPECTIONS can take place. It's being done to insure the PUBLIC SAFETY of the majority of NY's population at risk of flooding with UNSAFE DAMS in their backyards. It's about fixing 100 year old earthen dams, not "manicuring" the trees that are causing the safety issues in the first place, suggesting that this is about "trees" shows just how far off-base this group & it's leadership has been.

If it was about "maintaining trees" the NYS Canal Corporation would have picked a Program Title that reflected that fact. Maybe something like "The Erie Canal Tree Trimming Program"

Sadly Ms. Agte once again has convinced the ECNA that she STILL doesn't really understand the problem, so why would anyone be interested in her solutions, or even her opinions? If you can answer that one, PLEASE respond with a comments and tell us why.

She truly can't see the REAL problems because of this sad truth, one that she has tried to make the forefront since Day 1. That it's really about UNSAFE DAMS that need repairs and certainly not about tree trimming...

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If you can answer that one, PLEASE respond with a comments and tell us why...