Author Topic: Facebook Group Founder does not like the new Canal Integrity Website  (Read 204 times)

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It's no secret that this Perinton Facebook group does not like the Canal Corporation, or it's Safety Program that was just rebranded with a new webpage.

But the mis-information and denialism has taken a new form today... and the Founders of this group are upset that their Bully posts were called out.

Of course member Julia Deal actually spells out what makes this Facebook group "work" - SARCASM & EXAGGERATION.

So it's no wonder they have been called out lately.

Of course in true Denialist behavior the group starts their banter again... here's more of what they are saying...

And still more, showing their displeasure with the new Canal Integrity website, and of course using the Denialist Top 5 methods to achieve their desired goal

And what exactly are the TOP 5 methods used by Denialist you ask? Well read them, and see if you don't see the same thing happening in this Perinton Facebook Group

And this latest post has to be the winner... Now this Facebook Group is saying the Canal Corporation are "rapist"... very troubling

It looks like the new Canal Integrity Website, from the NYS Canal Corporation, has done the trick...

Facebook management is NOW seeing just how much this STCC group has been lying, distorting the truth, bullying it's membership, and creating a sickening cloud of MISINFORMATION throughout Perinton, Pittsford and Fairport. I imagine that more of these members will be reported over the next few days, as they whine and cry about the truth they still want to DENY about Erie Canal Safety.

Let's wait and see...

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