Author Topic: Facebook Group Members are Blind to Hypocrisy in their own Ranks  (Read 9 times)

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Lately the PUBLIC Facebook Group called Stop the Canal Clear-cut (STCC) has been resorting to "private" messages on their website, perhaps to avoid being called out on the ECNA Forum Discussion by name.

File this story under - "That idea doesn't always work as planned", as you will see... keep reading.

So here's the latest from this STCC Facebook group, this time by a vocal member named Kerri Neale from Holley, NY, who's been unhappy ever since the NYS Canal Corporation cleared the 50 foot tall earthen embankment behind his property. Here's he's posted a private message to a select few members... and one member replied, lending insight to the "hidden post".

Please note that REPLY by Ms. Laurie Williamson who talks about all the "dead animals" as a result of tree removal for "buildings & concrete" to be erected

Mr. Neale has claimed in the past, that Erie Canal Embankment Integrity work caused some of his trees to uproot, but seemingly wants to IGNORE the fact his property is saturated with water from an Earthen Dam he lives next to or the Sandy Creek tributary running along his property. In fact he had the local newspaper down to survey when two trees fell some 4+ years ago. He is also someone who has been critical of the NYS Canal Corporation and throws up their work 4 years ago in his defense, pretending the canal embankment work is "devastating" to the natural order of life in Holley NY.

Note that picture provided by Mr. Neale, taken from the ROOF of his house, it shows clearly there is a very large embankment behind his property, the map inset confirms the location of the Sandy Creek waterway as well. He lives opposite the Holley Falls Dam, which is over 75" tall on the South Side of the Erie Canal there.

You would think this person could understand his property lies in a VALLEY below a large Dam and has a culvert running through it... over-saturation potential at 100%

I bet Ms. Williamson would think a little differently about Mr. Neale's "hidden comment" if she understood that Mr. Neale is one of the people RESPONSIBLE for the death of those "poor little animals" that lost their homes and have to die. (BTW: Animals don't die if their habitat disappears, they simply MOVE to a new location).

Maybe she would chastise Mr. Neale for being "part of the problem" with senseless animal killings... Of course Mr. Neale doesn't share his "secret" with his social media group, who's all for saving the trees and those poor defenseless critters...does he? The group might disown him and he would have nowhere to complain about the Erie Canal Embankment work, would he?

Somedays the truth is hard to find these days, especially in this politically charged society. And sometimes it's being hidden & manipulated by those individuals who think their "own sh!t don't stink". But one thing is for sure, with a little digging, a little hard work searching the internet, it seems you can always find the REAL facts, that fly in the face of these Facebook groups that lean heavily on opinion and hearsay as their "guiding light".

So the award for the biggest HYPOCRITE to this year, within the Stop the Canal Clear-cut Group, goes to Mr. Kerri Neale, tree advocate and squirrel killer...