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Re: Finally, she's got the SAFETY message TOO!
« on: May 30, 2022, 08:19:54 am »
You may be right, and it will devastate the group's ability to spread misinformation and their hopefully END  their continued denial of those three little words 'unsafe earthen embankments'. Because even more importantly, Ms. Agte has finally had to admit what the Canal Corporation is doing is NOT fear-mongering, she may have finally figured out that you can only DENY public safety issues for so long, before it comes back to bite you.

Especially when SAFETY is the MAIN REASON for all of the Erie Canal vegetation removal and earthen dam inspection & embankment repairs

These are the words that Mike left out from her comments on that Facebook site

Elizabeth R. Agte - May 27 at 7:22 PM 

CC/NYPA posted a Notice to Mariners on their Facebook page and their website on May 17th advising that the water levels will be a foot lower between the lock in Macedon and the locks in Lockport, as they report to monitoring 200 known seeps. But the reality is that seeps do not occur along the top of the embankment, and that of course earthen embankments have always seeped.

It can be argued that this is further fear mongering or an abundance of caution.

But if it is truly a risk or concern, then it would seen prudent that they share these seep locations with local communities. We have talked to Pittsford and they have not been given this information, and we are assuming Perinton has not either.

Well a whole TWO WEEKS after that Canal Announcement and the STCC leaders finally respond...

And of course there are a few in this wonderful Facebook group who want to make community safety of the Erie Canal a "political issue". They say it's time for Elizabeth to take care of the situation by throwing local politician's "under the bus". Here's the comments from her most recent post on Facebook... note Mr. Roshia's words of wisdom

And maybe worse yet, Ms. Agte and her Facebook group still think an entire webpage, dedicated to Canal Embankment Integrity & Safety, isn't "enough" information.

That a NY State webpage full of maps showing those Seeps and Earthen Dam locations, isn't sufficient to educate her and her members... she wants ALL the details for some unknown reasons.

But it's obvious that Ms. Agte & Maier's argument that "it's not broke, don't fix it" isn't working, especially when the Canal Corporation is spending all their time "trying to fix" the canal, it's failing earthen navigation dams and over 200 seeps. And now the waterway reached the point where water has to be LOWERED to reduce hydraulic pressure on these old embankments for the entire 2022 season.

But her admission of the truth, that it's CAUTIONARY for presumed SAFETY reasons, well that is a big change.
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