Author Topic: Finally, she's got the message!  (Read 48 times)

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Re: Finally, she's got the message!
« on: May 30, 2022, 11:52:58 am »
Why on earth would the Canal Corp want to tell a bunch of people with no expertise, and a proven track record of twisting the truth, where these 'seeps' are?
We've told them enough times, that this information in the wrong hands, could be disastrous.

We have a lot of crazy people in this country, who wish us harm. Plenty enough who would want to mess with a weak canal embankment.

And what purpose would it serve the giving folks information, as they don't even understand what a Phreatic Line is?

She says, "But the reality is that seeps do not occur along the top of the embankment, and that of course earthen embankments have always seeped."

Lowering the water level lowers the hydrostatic pressure on the seeps considerably, and even more so the DEEPER the leak or seep is, Hydraulics 101

Why does anyone listen to this silly woman?
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