Author Topic: Fudged the truth again!  (Read 18 times)

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Fudged the truth again!
« on: August 28, 2021, 04:43:38 am »

By Pittsford Town Attorney Robert B Koegel

I bring your attention to page 10, last but one paragraph, where he states.
Dr. Donald H Gray, a highly credentialed slope stability expert who contributed an affidavit in the prior litigation against NYSCC referred to above, has complied a literature review of the effect of woody vegetation removal on the hydrology and stability of slopes.
He then refers to this document by Donald H Gray.
In the second paragraph it states -
Widespread removal (clear-cutting) of trees on natural slopes and stream banks generally leads to an increase in slope failures. This is the overwhelming consensus of papers published in the scientific and technical literature as documented in the attached literature review.

'Clear cutting on NATURAL SLOPES and STREAM BANKS', and none of these are anything like an earthen embankment dam. Why? They have no hydrostatic pressure causing a phreatic line.

to read what Dr. Gray wrote to us when we questioned him about his testimony.

In summary he said, "I donít know of any earth dams where woody vegetation was purposely planted or allowed to grow on a face of the dam."

As usual, folks working with the STCC get confused easily regarding the difference between a dam and a levee. We've tried to tell them, dozens of times, but they simply don't want to hear it.
Their own EXPERT WITNESS denounced having trees on an earthen embankment dam.

And you'll note throughout this document, the Pittsford Town lawyer had highlighted many phrases, but in almost every case they refer to either a wooded slope (as in a forest) or a stream bank or (their favorite ) a levee.

Shame on them for perpetuating these lies.  Case closed.

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