Author Topic: Has the Leadership of Facebook Canal Safety Opposition Group finally figured this all out?  (Read 148 times)

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So now we are supposed to apply "wetland" standards to the Erie Canal safety issue? Wouldn't that by nature serve to complicate the solution for the NY Canal System even more? Why does this group think that the CURRENT rules around Embankment Dam Integrity & Safety are insufficient should be the question we are ALL asking.

The "wetland idea" joins a long list of others that seem to fulfill one purpose for those who oppose making the Erie Canal safer...avoiding the conversation about embankment dam safety.

First it was levees, then natural stream banks. They said the Canal Corp was selling trees for profit, now they should be growing them to stop climate change. And now they want to apply wetland guidelines for an area that doesn't meet those requirements. They seem to think new rules are needed when old ones work fine...

What happened to simply fixing Unsafe Dams?

This STCC Leaders posting shows exactly why it's not wise to follow the durection of those opposing this Erie Canal Safety Program..they are so "off in the weeds" so far now, that they can't the right path to take for community or public safety anymore.

Simply ask any of their leaders,  like Ms. Meuwissen, what the answer is to protecting the public from an unsafe NY Canal system. They will all claim there us no issue with safety, but never provide an adequate defense to that statement.