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Author Topic: Here we go again! Agte's finest!  (Read 132 times)

Michael Caswell

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Here we go again! Agte's finest!
« on: November 01, 2023, 03:08:50 am »

They just don't get it. The 'established ecosystem' Eerie Agte rants on about is the result of years of negligence and bad management by the NY Thruway Authority, who let dangerous 150 tall Cottonwood trees grow on an earthen embankment dam, putting entire communities at risk of flood, despite every engineering authority like ASDSO, NYDEC, FEMA (and more) telling them how dangerous it is. This is the same woman who told me that she liked Japanese Knotweed growing on the canal shoreline because her bees like it.

Locust trees are invasive weeds - spreads by root suckering and stump sprouting, forming dense colonies that shade prairies and forest openings, harming native vegetation. Bees like it though.

I am surprised this so called 'bee keeper' mentions Linden Trees as they appear to be responsible for many bee deaths -

And the part about 'shade & cool areas for the fish', had me chuckling. It's pure drivel, and typical Agte 'spin' from this crazy woman. I'm surprised so many people don't see through her nonsense.

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Re: Here we go again! Agte's finest!
« Reply #1 on: November 02, 2023, 09:19:48 am »
Once again it's more "sour grapes" from the leader of a social media group that has asked repeatedly for "more flowers & pollinators" and "less grass" along the Erie Canal's Earthen Embankments.

When the Stop the Canal Clear-cut leaders don't see the gardens they complain, when the NYS Canal talks about how they are planting the gardens, Ms. Agte herself complains a little louder than the rest...

Here is what Ms. E Agte and Mr. CT Oakes had to say about the new Cornell University Pollinator Garden in Brockport at Corbett Park.

Of course it's the usual complaining by CT Oakes, who whines about how others "don't take care of the gardens".

But just like Ms. Agte, these Facebook Folks never seem to want to "lend a hand" to help keep the new flower gardens free of weeds.

And note that NOT ONCE does Ms. Agte (or Mr. Oakes) give a reason why the trees were removed from the embankments and replaced with turf grass, in the first place...

After all, Erie Canal trees were removed for PUBLIC SAFETY reasons, according to NYPA and the NYS Canal Corporation.

But this social media group seems to always bury that FACT, and not discuss the fact that the US Government, the State of NY, and all agencies tasked with protecting the public from possible natural disasters say that there should be NO TREES ON DAMS!

And Ms. Agte's group always seems to take aim at the New York Power Authority and NYS Canals as the "culprits" for this canal safety effort, yet from the looks of this posting it's NYPA who is doing the "boots on the ground" effort to build and maintain a safe and "beautiful" Erie Canal System. And it's the NYS Canal System trying to please people like Ms. Agte, with little to no success.

So why do they keep trying?

Folks, here we go again with the "mis-information & educated opinions" of Ms. Agte and her group, preaching about trees creating cool shady water for fish, and how trees SHOULD be kept on earthen embankment dams across NY State because they are better than flowers for "nature". She names the trees that cause the most safety issues for earthen dams, and never, ever mentions the 200+ seep & leaks along the waterway, never mentions the Macedon Embankment breach and ignores the channel obstruction issues that down trees have caused over the past 6 years.

Of course it's from the same person who has been in Earthen Dam Denial since she started her Facebook Farce... still unwilling to admit she was WRONG about the heart of the issue with the Erie Canal...

That issue would be SAFETY of the Public using the Erie Canal, and the Canal Neighbors living below these aging, unsafe embankments.
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