Author Topic: Just how big is the protest movement that is against fixing Erie Canal Earthen Embankments?  (Read 91 times)

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You know I always get to the point... so here's the answer:

It's not a very big protest movement, if you look at facts. Not in the "grand scheme of things" as they say...

And sorry if that disappoints some of you reading this, this is just facts, put together to tell a story, and make the readers think.

But what is REALLY interesting is how the "numbers" breakdown, which maybe shows what's really behind this Facebook group called Stop the Canal Clear-cut.

This social media group, located in the Perinton/Fairport area, has been running for a few years now, they are supported by Pittsford & Brighton. The group has changed their reasons for why they want  to stop a NYS required embankment dam maintenance activity that the NYS Canal Corporation has been trying to get done for 4 years now.

Remember where this group is located...

So I did a little "research" and you all have that Social Media Group to thank for this little piece of Information

I used a very familiar slogan as my guide, one that a few Stop the Canal Clear-cut members like to use... "Follow the MONEY!"

I did just that, and can you guess where that money trail ended up? Yes... right in the laps of the Towns that support this social media protest group... Brighton, Pittsford, & Perinton.


New York State has slightly over 20 million residents... and about 9 million live in the CITY called New York City. So that leaves about 11 million people to divide up between the rest of the state. Most people know that about 75% of the State's population lives within 25 miles of the Erie Canal Route, so say about 8.8 million people probably learned to sing about a Mule named Sal.

The Erie Canal Trail brings in MILLIONS of visitors each year, they bike, walk or use watercraft to enjoy the Erie Canal National Heritage Corridor. Each section of the Empire Trail keeps statistics, and estimates of trail use for each section. The area from Rochester, heading east to the Monroe / Wayne County line has an estimated 363,000 users, about 65% are pedestrian, 35% on bikes.


Remember these numbers...hundreds of thousands to millions who live near to or use the Erie Canal Trail System.

There are 18-20 NY State Counties that touch the Erie Canal route, and those 20 counties have 66 Townships that directly touch the Erie Canal itself. The Map below shows this.

There are only THREE TOWNS, out of SIXTY-SIX in the entire State, who have objected to the proposed Erie Canal Embankment Maintenance work. They felt so strongly that they got together and SUED the State that writes their paycheck. Yes, it defines the idea of "wasting taxpayer money".

So these Towns stopped the Canal Maintenance at Brockport, citing a "technicality" in the paperwork that was filed.

Here are those Towns.

And so if you follow the money, you do a simple google search nowadays... Wealthiest Zipcodes in Metro Rochester

Seems a bit "fishy" as they say, even for the Erie Canal. But somehow you all knew that is what would happen. It's no mystery what's at play... but here is where I will leave it up for open debate, readers can decide because frankly all this doesn't matter.

There are only 3 towns protesting, out of 66 total towns that would be affected & improved, by having their embankments fixed and trail trees manicured. Do the math as they say, 97% of the Erie Canal Towns do NOT agree with Brighton, Pittsford or Perinton.

There are only 1170 members in this STCC Facebook group out of hmmm 363,000 in the Rochester and eastside Trail use count. Yea, the math wont' be good here.

That  .003% of the local population in this Facebook Group. or... 99.997% of Rochester area Erie Canal Trail USERS do NOT agree with Brighton, Pittsford or Perinton. Those people didn't join the cause against public safety, didn't rally to save the shade, they understood embankment maintenance is about making things safer

No, I'd have to say that for a protest, it's barely a speck, and soon to be dust in the wind, once the Canal Integrity work begins again this year.

Sadly it appears that there are some sectors of local society, that still have a few people, who cling to a very different slogan in Life:

Rich Lives Matter

Fortunately for the SAFETY of Erie Canal Neighbors and the many Communities along the canal system, NY State doesn't care about "wealth" when it comes to the safety of NY residents. They are all treated with the same urgency.

Rich or poor, there is no amount of money that will allow the New York State Canal Corporation to "ignore" Canal Embankment Integrity issues that put the public at risk of a canal breach & flood.

And the New York Power Authority is there to enforce the NEW rule of Public Safety First & Foremost!

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