Author Topic: It's gradually sinking in to STCC members  (Read 60 times)

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It's gradually sinking in to STCC members
« on: March 21, 2022, 06:09:18 am »
Commenting on photos of the canal embankments on the STCC Facebook page.

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Mike Caswell, STCC optimist?  Have to get used to that one a bit.

Not really certain about that recent Facebook statement "trees may be leaving soon" , meaning that anyone in this group is recognizing the danger of high-hazard, uninspected, overgrown earthen dams in their community.

Certainly the latest Facebook discussion, posted by the #2 STCC group leader, shows that many members still can't see these raised embankments as a danger, they can't understand what a cleared embankment should look like, and they don't understand if what they are looking at is a maintained or unmaintained Erie Canal Embankment from pictures being shared by the group's leaders.

And once again it's a clear issue with "poor group leadership" that is STILL unable (or unwilling) to see all of these Canal safety issues, themselves.

Here's Stop the Canal Clear-cut (STCC) Leader Ginny Maier trying to make a point once again about "trees" being the "solution" to all of the Erie Canal problems, both safety and scenic.

She says... One, inexpensive trick to improve the trail for village walkers and cyclist... and then Ms. Maier shows a row of cute tree emojis... like that's the answer. How quaint... and how ridiculous at the same time.

The ECNA has a better solution...

Put signage up along the Erie Canal Trail saying that "If you don't like the Canal Towpath, please stop complaining about it, and find another 300 mile trail system to use". And we did say "please"..

It would seem that for the safety of Erie Canal Neighbors & Village Communities, and to "improve the trail experience" overall, the best thing to do would be to get all the people whining & crying about how bad it is NOW, to simply go somewhere else to jog, walk, or bike.

That would be a huge improvement for many canal neighbors who are tired of these crocodile tears...

It will always be about SAFETY of the Erie Canal first!

Even with a social media group, who only cares about being the "opposition" simply denying that public safety issue.

And the  NYS Canal Corporation has made it clear that the trees, and other invasive vegetation on their Navigation Embankment Dams, are a danger to the entire Canal System, including the walking trail.

And TREES need to be removed, so the canal embankments can comply with NYS Regulations for Earthen Dams. After that they will worry about scenery & shade for their visitors.

But Ms. Maier knows this already, she just "chooses" to ignore community safety and focus on "lost trees", and all that "phony devastation" she claims has happened.

You see, Ms. Maier uses the pictures from the Canal Corporation Canal Integrity website to show all the "devastation", and never really reads the captions or looks further than the end of her nose for the truth about Erie Canal Embankment Integrity.

Here's the image she posted from the NYC Canal Corporation website

See that caption UNDER the image?

It reads: Erie Canal, Brockport, NY | The image depicts concrete Canal walls in the foreground and maintained embankments in the distance (where we cleared vegetation and planted native shrubs).

Now LOOK at the background of that image...

Trees are alive and well all around Brockport, and specifically planted along the Erie Canal Trail as privacy barriers for Canal Neighbors who live adjacent.

It's not the "tree hell" that Ms. Dina Alexander pretends happened out here. She is from Rochester folks, probably never uses the Brockport section of the ECT ever...EVER! But to this Facebook group, she's the authority for Brockport Trail Trees... and Ms. Maier does NOTHING to stop this dis-information campaign, actually she revels in it.

This Canal Corporation picture shows what Embankments look like AFTER they have been cleared. And the secret is... they don't look that much different.

But they DO look like what Earthen Dams should resemble, if public safety is to be maintained along the Canal System

Perhaps it's time for members of this group, of Erie Canal Trail USERS, to rethink their commitment to a social media group, bring run by TWO leaders, who care little to nothing about the safety of their community, the security of Canal Neighbors, and the integrity of the Erie Canal itself.

Maybe it's time for the group's members to demand the TRUTH from it's LEADERS, and WHY they are so afraid to speak about Public Safety along the Erie Canal?

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