Author Topic: If they are losing, does that make them losers?  (Read 118 times)

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It was just a matter of time (and bit of continued pressure with informative data from the NYS Canal Corporation) that led to today...

So now this Facebook group appears to be asking themselves if they even picked the "right name" for their group? Are they trying to "redefine" the term "clear-cutting" now? And please note... once again Ms Maier thinks "this sounds like" clear-cutting, in her estimation.

And once again, the members of this group quote NYS Canal Corporation documents, that they may now be understanding only serve to prove them wrong, once again, about the differences between Embankment Dam MAINTENANCE vs. the clear-cutting a section of land, to harvest trees.

The "Good Plan" that they are requesting, is the same EEIP Maintenance Plan and SEQR Environmental Statement that this group, and Mr. Maier, don't seem to approve of...

So once again, it's NOT just about what comes off the dams but also what goes back into them to make them SAFE afterwards. You see the NYS Canal Corporation just released their Earthen Embankment Integrity Program Overview Presentation, explaining all this EEIP Dam Maintenance activity. It's more of the TRUTH regarding the Erie Canal, it's unsafe earthen dams and how NY State intends to fix this public safety PROBLEM.

But you won't hear the Facebook group talk about anything but "the environment"... LOL.

You can read the new Canal Corporation EEIP Overview here:

And the Earthen Embankment Integrity Program State Environmental Quality Review states CLEARLY that they did consider the use of "clear-cutting" as a possible solution for Canal Embankments, but  abandoned that idea along with 3 others they considered. Final versions of all EEIP documents will be out very soon, reflecting changes and input received from the ECNA.

Here's the pages and paragraphs that might be troubling this Facebook Group today.

Right from the EEIP SEQR Statement this Facebook group requested...


And you see below, there was an entire page dedicated to why "clear-cutting", as a remedy for invasive vegetation, would satisfy all NYS Regulations, but NOT the long term goals of proper canal embankment inspection and maintaining safe, scenic embankments for the public, that NYPA and the NYCC wanted to insure.

The Canal Corporation chose not to pursue clear-cutting trees as a solution. Nor did they chose to pour hundreds of miles of cement walls along the trail dam, or a membrane lining the entire canal as a remedy for unsafe earth dams. They didn't chose to pursue the "drain & abandon" idea, and just leave the water out of it and let it fall into natural decay. like so many other NY State Canals of the past.

They chose to follow State Regulations, and use Federal Guidelines, to create a "managed approach" to Canal Embankment Clearing, and future maintenance/inspection.

Because as you will see in all of the EEIP Documentation there is a BIG emphasis on NYS Laws and NYS Public Safety, as it should be. After all the State of NY has an UNSAFE EMBANKMENT DAM problem on 125 miles of their property. And they is being addressed by one of the state largest dam owners, NYS Power Authority... they talk about Risk... first.

You see unlike a certain social media group, the owners of the Canal "problem" can't just dismiss public safety with the simple words " in my humble opinion" as that Facebook group leadership, so often states. They have to answer claims that the Canal System has become unsafe & unstable.

Of course you won't ever hear this Facebook Group mention the public safety issues, the danger of unsafe embankments along 100 miles of the Erie Canal, or the fact that they have "chosen" to simply "ignore" all those WARNING as "hype, fear-mongering, and unwarranted".

Of course the majority of the members in this group only walk along the top of the unsafe dams, they don't live below the danger.

And they want you, the general public & canal neighbors, to ignore the truth of Erie Canal Safety too...

We have said it before, the Stop the Canal Clear-Cut Group on Facebook, just another bunch of people, with a questionable message, lots of conspiracy theories and leadership that wants to promote another big lie... go read about it.
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