Author Topic: Is Bill Smith a hypocrite?  (Read 22 times)

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Is Bill Smith a hypocrite?
« on: August 11, 2021, 01:57:04 pm »
The picture below is of the new frog pond trail Mr Smith supported. It's double the length of the Oxbow trail if you stretch it out. How many hundreds of trees were removed for this path to be created? Dogs, bikes, machinery and all sorts of disruptions to this unspoiled habitat were completely unnecessary. I don't mind it myself, but when Mr Smith is fighting to save trees on a man made embankment against safety concerns, he really can't be taking trees down in his town's undisturbed woodlands.

They needed this 1/4 mile trail to justify not putting a parking lot somewhere nearby? I actually think this was promoted to offset the other program Mr Smith is fighting. That's a lot of trail to mow, resurface and maintain. They took shade and habitat away in a pretty isolated and hard to get to area. How many times has Mr Smith got himself on tv through Mrs Agte and other tree related projects he has no business promoting?


How can this woman who wants people to shut down traffic not be in town to support something she's so passionate about?  These supporters are delusional and comments like this should be managed and removed since it can lead to unnecessary traffic delays and police involvement. All to fight safety concerns on a man made river that hasn't been properly maintained over the past century? Believe me, the ones in charge, the lawyers and many others know Mrs Agte isn't doing this for the right reasons. They are irritated and trying to get the job completed without further delays. It's good for them to hear someone has their back- and that we won't let them keep people in harm's way any longer.

Lorraine Parr  (Rochester Free Radio)
"im going to be out of town can we do a protest on the bridge too?"

Can "we" protest on the bridge? Sounds to me like their supporters are instigators and are using the STCC as a form of entertainment.
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