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Have to agree with BCN about understanding the "silence" sometimes. And want to take that one step further. I believe the phrase used today is "read the room" And in the verb use, which is most appropriate here.

Here's what Urban Dictionary Says about "read the room":

Verb: Base what you say on the conversation. Make educated guesses as to what people mean.

Used in a sentence:
"Eli and Ginny, read the room. We don't want to talk to you."

The Free Dictionary has pretty much the same meaning, maybe a bit more descriptive:

Read the Room:
To use one's intuition to analyze the general mood of the people in a particular setting and act accordingly. Often used as an imperative.

Used in a sentence:
"I'll read the room and see if it's the right time to have the conversation. If people already seem on edge, I'll probably wait to bring it up."

"Read the room, Bill. No one here is interested in talking politics right now."

So who's in the room?

There is the New York Power Authority, the New York State Canal Corporation & Brian Stratton, as well as Rebecca Hughes the new Integrity Program Communication Manager. The Canalway Recreational Committee is being kept abreast of the conversations regarding Canal Maintenance and Integrity work.

There is the NYS Governor, several State, District & County Legislators, Adam Bello, Samra Brouk, Jen Lunsford, Rich Funke (who left office), Town Supervisors from Three Monroe County Towns (Pittsford/Brighton/Perinton), Alexandra Winner (Perinton Town Council), Lorraine Parr (radio host). Several others in the wings who are there more for "votes" than to actually offer anything of value.

In the room are several Canal Town Mayors, including a Fairport Mayor who opposes Canal Work and a Brockport Mayor who supported it...albeit reluctantly.

Oh yes, there's a Facebook Group opposing the Canal Embankment Integrity work that's being led by two citizens who understand nothing about earthen dam safety.

And FINALLY, all the Erie Canal Neighbors who are on the frontline of the work to clear Canal Embankments that have become a safety issue, they are also in the "Room".

The topic in the "Room" is insuring the Integrity of the Erie Canal System and keeping all those living near it SAFE.

And that Facebook group, led by well-meaning people with plenty of "humble opinions", is opposing the Erie Canal Earthen Embankment work being talked about in that ROOM. That group's leadership is complaining that no one is talking to them or hearing their cries to "save the trees"... "help global warming". All issue that this group" made up" to deal with the group's decision to "simply deny any safety issues exist" along the Erie Canal. Their "denial plan" had a tragic setback when the State Required Environmental Review confirmed all the canal safety issues and deteriorating condition

And the entire ROOM has that State Funded SEQR Report that supports the NYS Canal Corporation, and what the OWNERS have said about the Erie Canal...

Canal System Earthen Embankments are unsafe, and not in compliance with the Laws regarding water impoundments for the State of NY. would think that when there is any issue with public safety, one that would involve a possible catastrophic flood and the State of NY had a plan of preventing it and improving the overall state of the Canal System, anyone trying to stand in the way would realize they shouldn't fight to keep people unsafe, or not try to prevent a disaster.

These things are all CLEARLY signs of something that is OBVIOUSLY in the BEST interest of the public and Erie Canal communities & neighbors.

And so the phrase is "read the room".

Ms. Maier, Ms. Agte, that "silence" you hear, the lack of these people in agreement with you and speechless, unable to reply.... here's some answers:

1) Maybe it's because you have said something that is "astonishing" and in a "bad way"... like "how could anyone say that after reading that SEQR report?"

2) Or maybe it's sheer astonishment by all those New York State EMPLOYEES that a pair of local citizens could be so blind AND callous about their neighbors?

3) Maybe people are dumbfounded that anyone could be so... well I'll stop there.


Not to worry though, I understand that this Stop Canal Work Facebook group does have some people in the room saying "go get 'em girls".

Of the THREE TOWN SUPERVISORS (Pittsford, Perinton and Brighton) who originally SUED the State of NY to STOP Canal Integrity work in 2018, two of them are still on the Facebook Group's Bandwagon. I understand the third one, who left under mysterious circumstances, was replaced in the Town of Perinton, by Cirran Hanna. And Mr. Hanna is still trying to ride the slippery fence of pleasing Facebook Pressure and keeping his Town RESIDENTS safe.

But the ECNA does know that Mr. Hanna understands Earthen Dam Safety and what UNSAFE Embankments look like, he has rather large unsafe Earthen Dam in his own backyard, at the Oxbow Lake in Perinton, and it had EMERGENCY repairs in 2018...and is STILL an active leaking, unsafe, high hazard classified DAM.

Eventually the "truth" will prevail, and the truth has been on the side of the Canal Corporation and all of those people that signed the petition below...

Unsafe Canal Dams NEED to be REPAIRED, regardless of what some people say on Facebook.

Please...Sign the Petition to make NYS Canal Communities Safe once again:

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