Author Topic: An admission of defeat!  (Read 192 times)

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Re: Is this an admission of defeat by Ms Maier?
« on: February 11, 2022, 07:04:09 am »
And once again this particular group member, Ms Jennifer Goheen, has something to say about the Governor of NY and Erie Canal embankment work. Of course it is all negative in nature, hints of this group's "conspiracy" theories, and still shows the Facebook Group's "ignorance" towards Earthen Dam Safety

Jennifer Goheen - February 10, 2022
I wish we could find someone in that office who could tell us what is really going on.

Is the governor uniformly unresponsive to citizen concerns from whatever quarter?

Is she singling this particular matter out for special (non) treatment?
Does she drink?

Is a member of the NYPA Board her best friend, son-in-law, fairy godmother, or blackmailer?
Is it somehow strategic for her to ignore opposition to the NYPA's plan for the Canal banks?

And even worse, Ms Goheen lives NOWHERE near the Erie Canal, but STILL believes that her "two-cents", about canal conspiracies, should matter to all the Canal Neighbors who are still living below these unsafe water impoundments in danger of breach-based floods.

Have you heard of anything more warped from this group? Now they have to actually "import" their opposition to public safety, from the opposite side of the Country... California.

And once more, Ms. Goheen is not an Engineer, has zero education or experience in anything remotely related to Earthen Embankment Dam Safety, and seems to be employed as a Technical Writer for a Company called World Tariff Ltd..

And it gets even better, the company appears to have ONE employee, with only 3 others associated remotely with this company, according to Dun & Bradstreet

Can anyone explain why Jennifer Goheen is in this conversation or considered a source of credible canal information?
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