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A group like this isn't smart enough to figure out they are "defeated".

Ms. Maier started that Facebook post with a pretty canal picture and a warning, just to initiate yet another bit of disinformation to the group. She is ever hopeful that someone in the group will "bite" at her ridiculous claims.  And today is was Mr. Don Muench, who is now repeating the words of the group leaders... like a good parrot.

Canal Embankment work is a plot by New York Power Authority & Canal Corporation, to cause a failure of an embankment, and a flood on a community, just so they can shut the NYS Canal System down, to save money... in the end.

That is according to Don Muench.

What a crock of.... hmmm, I'll let it go...have to consider the source.

Like it wasn't bad enough that Ms. Maier is saying that all embankment dam issues are caused by "engineers messing about". And she somehow believes that the 2017 plan for the Earthen Embankment Restoration Project in Brockport, is what will be used to clear embankments in 2022. She is wrong of course, on all counts.

It's a known fact that the Canal Corporation scrapped that original plan and has developed their new Earthen Embankment Integrity Program, which will use the new Earthen Embankment Guidebook for ALL canal integrity work moving forward. That is the plan that this groups asked for but now doesn't like or accept.

But as you see, Ms. Maier's comments fall right in line with Ms. Agte's bogus claims about Canal Embankment work. She has been saying that driving "heavy equipment" on the Erie Trail is causing the embankment failures, "because the Barge Canal Embankments were built for "donkeys".!/msg2115/?topicseen#msg2115

And Ms. Agte has also insinuated the same thing, in a past question, similar to what Mr. Muench just said... NYPA is "intentionally" trying to undermine the Erie Canal System. Are these people serious?

Is this what Facebook calls "clamping down" on disinformation?

Do Ms. Agte & Mr. Muench REALLY think that a NYS Government Agency, is trying to cause a canal flood, that would be a disaster of epic proportion, killing many and wreaking havoc on the environment? Is Ms. Maier complicit in that "big lie" that she seems to be promoting here?

That is EXACTLY what NYPA said would happen if Canal Embankments are NOT REPAIRED, according to the latest Canal Corporation documents regarding Earthen Embankment Safety along the Erie Canal. An epic flood, environmental upheaval, and probable loss of life & property.

It's in their SEQR Statement

Is anyone in Perinton or Pittsford listening to what this Facebook group is saying?

Does anyone care how dangerous "loose talk" like  can be on a community?

Doesn't anyone in Perinton or Fairport, besides Mike Caswell, feel just a little bit worried that they have a local Facebook group spreading misinformation about their canal community and it's safety?

Don't any taxpayers or voters on Rochester's Eastside care, that the leaders of this Facebook group are threatening local politicians with "votes", if they don't get "what they ask for"?

I guess not... so much for "community spirit" (or public safety) in the Canal Towns of Perinton, Pittsford, & Brighton.

Just let the deception of the community continue... what a great plan Mr. Hanna, Mr. Smith, and Mr. Mohle!
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