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A member of this social media group shared his Waterloo story, to win praise of a group that is fighting against public safety, by saying HE won the battle to shutdown Oak Island Canal Glamping.

For him it was that his favorite fishing trail was blocked by the Tentr Sites on Oak Island.

You can read the story here:

So the NYS Canal Corporation wanted to provide someplace for Trail Users and Locals to camp along the Erie Canal. They chose Oak Island near Waterloo, and used an outside contractor to run that idea through to completion. It wasn't the success that they hoped for but it was doomed from the start as two things were missed that mattered to the intended customer.

The REAL ISSUES with Oak Island camping are below... if you read.

And NONE of this has anything to do with Erie Canal Public Safety.

ISSUE #1 - Campsites were Too Expensive

The COST of "Erie Canal Glamping" was quite high, actually MORE than a "Junior Suite" at most local hotels which gives you TWO rooms, 420 square foot of living space, and HBO besides.

ISSUE #2 - Location Location Location...
Probably not a good idea to put this campsite plan into a location that is used by the homeless population of that area. That was one of the complaints. The other... well the "glampers" must have thought that their $200 campsite would have "cleaner" view of nature"... falling worms were a complaint at the campsite.

But what's REALLY amazing is that this Stop the Canal Clear-cut group somehow wants to say that the work that the Canal Corporation did, trying to provide camping spaces, is somehow the same type of work as what they are doing to REPAIR UNSAFE CANAL EMBANKMENTS.

One of these Canal plans is about Erie Canal Recreation, the other is about Erie Canal Safety.. and this STCC group wants to make it seems like those are somehow "equal" in the eyes of those who would protest against either... somehow trying to justify her own group who has been opposing canal safety work for 4+ years

Does Ms. Maier really think that because people didn't like camping where "homeless people" live, that anything the Canal Corporation does for the public is wrong, and "trees were lost" to an unsuccessful "solution".

Losing trees to make a few campsites is NOT the same as removing trees to make the Erie Canal SAFER is it? Does she really believe they are one in the same?

I don't believe she does think that... but it sure sounds good to a social media group who has lost the battle, lost the war, and has lost the respect of many of the people in her own community.

If she REALLY does believe that bogus claim, then I guess she is with the right group of people...after all "the blind have to have someone lead them", why not a Biologist who like to deny the inherent issues with unsafe trees, making Erie canal embankment unsafe, that threaten all canal communities.

So if you believe that building 5 campsites in Waterloo is on par with fixing 100 miles of overgrown, high-hazard, earthen dams follow Ms. Maier down yet another rabbit hole...

You are hopelessly LOST and will NEVER understand that unsafe canal embankments place canal communities in danger from a potential dam collapse & flood.

And Canal Neighbors living below those embankments get hit first, if the breach is near their home... but none of that matters to you... just listen to Ms. Virginia Maier, the leader of the blind, deaf and dumb.

I have never seen anything this far from REALITY come out of this Facebook Group before...

I guess desperate times call for even more desperate measures.. like increasing dis-information to the maximum level.

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