Author Topic: Isn't it amazing that a mayor backs this group?  (Read 36 times)

Michael Caswell

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Isn't it amazing that a mayor backs this group?
« on: October 18, 2020, 10:53:32 am »
Despite all the scientific engineering articles written by folks like the USACE, ASDSO, FEMA and NYDEC,  and a report by Rizzo Engineering, all stating that these embankment dams are downright dangerous, the Mayor of Pittsford STILL supports the radical and illogical STCC, and regularly posts on their Facebook page.

Blows my mind!

Doug K

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Re: Isn't it amazing that a mayor backs this group?
« Reply #1 on: October 19, 2020, 09:34:55 am »
There is a very simple explanation for this phenomenon Mr Caswell, it's called the Gump Factor.

Just check the top of the list below for the answer about why a Pittsford Mayor, charged with PROTECTING a community, would ignore that job and instead EMBRACE a Facebook Group fighting against improving public safety in and around the Erie Canal.

This should be wake up call to every voter in Pittsford (and surrounding areas) to make sure citizens elect leadership that truly understands what the job in PUBLIC SERVICE entails... serving the whole public. And this should also help taxpayers spot a mayor who doesn't understand why the priority for increasing public safety should be greater that trying to increase the number of likes someone gets on a social media platform

Just to be crystal clear Mayor Corby, these overgrown canal embankments place Erie Canal Neighbors in constant danger of flooding. They also create a safety issue for ALL users of the NYS Canal System by falling branches from old end of life trees.

According to New York Canal Corporation's Notice to Mariners messaging, the NY Canal waterway or the NYS Empire Trail were CLOSED due to trees on more than a dozen occasions in 2020. Some of those trees could have badly injured either a trail users or boater as it fell, if they were unfortunate enough to be near it.

In fact, this anti-safety Facebook group you are supporting also showed images of trees blocking the walking trail a number of times... but didn't get the message.

Mr. Corby, are you a Mayor for the whole community living along this canal or are you just working for your "base", who appears to be ignoring public safety along the Erie Canal Corridor in favor of "shade"?

Wake up and support the safety of all Pittsford residents living near or using the Erie Canal.
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