Author Topic: It's all going downhill!  (Read 48 times)

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Re: It's all going downhill!
« on: April 11, 2019, 12:43:20 pm »
We seem to be finding that the regular members who post on the STCC Facebook site, all keep showing each other pictures of Dams but can't seem to believe that's what they are... only now they are "safe" Embankment Dams that comply with Federal Laws & Guidelines.

Here's a few more posts that all can be filed under the topic of: Dam Restoration in My Backyard

First there is the constant complaining about what a "chore" it has become to get unsafe dams fixed.. this post is from an STCC supporter who seems to be interested in the project when it drives by their NEIGHBORS property. They live in a Dam Hazard zone, not actually next to the work itself. But they will benefit from the barrier planting that will occur in this very close neighborhood along the canal in Brockport.

Here's a post on how STCC "numbers" just don't add up...'civic-minded'-who-advocates-breaking-us-dam-safety-laws/?message=489

This one below has a couple more posting from the other "regular" members of the STCC, these folks have populated the Facebook site with the entire transformation, sadly none of them still want to call these for what they are; Embankment Dams. It seems the word "dam" is really a four-letter word to these folks. They will say trail, slope, hill...and some brave souls try Embankment, but never ending with Dam.. that means laws have to be followed...for safety reasons.. to protect the environment from something called a flood... lol. I love the camera work of these two...

This last one is a bit different post than the other... it really is NOT an honest assessment of the work at this Erie Canal neighboring property. I posted it because it DOES shows once again the point that we've tried to make all along about the STCC and it's followers.

Sometimes what they are NOT telling their fellow members, or NOT showing in the pictures they share might just tell the real story.

If I were looking at the top set of pictures I would say "Wow, that's quite clear... must have affected your privacy quite a bit"... these poor people. Oh the humanity.... Of course after viewing the bottom picture, a completely DIFFERENT story emerges... doesn't it?

So once again, for all of you folks who are sitting on the fence about supporting the STCC view of this safety work, please, please.. remember.

Take whatever the STCC tells you about the Erie Canal Embankment Program with "a grain of salt".
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