Author Topic: It's all going downhill!  (Read 43 times)

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Re: It's all going downhill!
« on: April 11, 2019, 02:18:43 pm »
By the way.. Mr. Gallagher has a very good eye.. this slope section could NOT meet the 3:1 slope ratio suggested.. but it's close. Thanks for posting the comments. As I said before, Kevin does make a good point about that hill, it is not a 3:1 as you stated.. the dam is too HIGH and the Canal Property owns too little land to make the 3:1 work on the whole embankment here. And throw in a culvert that is close as well. But the embankment is better, it's clean and safer here.

What all these STCC pictures show is Dam Embankment Soil (very specially engineered) that has been compacted to soil pressure specifications. It gets topsoil in the next month, and straw covering, and hydro seeding of the grass/wildflower mix specially prepared for this project. I do believe the grass/wildflower mix will also be used in the next Embankment Integrity Program that will be announced for your area soon.

It's starting to look like Earthen Dams are falling from the sky around here... they are everywhere now here in Brockport.